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motorcycle behind a fence in country scenery. The bold writing on the page states EVEN COWS KICK DOWN THE FENCE ONCE IN A WHILE . Then it goes on to read, A Harley-Davidson motorcycle. In other words, freedom. Why not break for it? Knock down whatever is standing between you and the saddle and go . This implies that there are no barriers, you can do what ever you want, don t stop and think about what your wife says, or kids college fund go out and buy your Harley and you will be free, or else, or else what? They imply that your still a cow and haven t broke free yet, isn t it the perfect opportunity. This ad focuses on pathos using strong words and an image to lure you into buying something that may be out of your reach for important reasons. The ad definitely would sell, but is

it influencing people who may not be able to afford it to go out on a limb to get it. This would certainly make it a negative phenomena. The third ad used is a Nike ad. This ad uses solely ethos. The page is red with the bottom quarter of a red shoe at the top of the page. It is hard to first make out what it is at the top of the page, unless one has already seen the shoe prior to the ad. The page reads POSTERIZING in big bold letters in the middle of the page, underneath this text there is a circle with the Nike swoosh and the word play . This ad could have a negative affect on morals and values considering Nike has been under investigation for child labour and unfair working conditions for its employees in developing nations. So possibly supporting Nike could mean supporting

crime. The fourth ad used is for is for Chivas Regal Premium Scotch Whisky. This ad is made up of a black and white picture of a beautiful female in a skimpy bikini. On her left shoulder it says the ad reads Yes, God is man. To the left of the page there is a 2.5 cm wide strip that is he colour of fire and has a picture at the bottom of the Chivas bottle. Above the bottle it says When you know . This implies that a man who knows his scotch whisky (Chivas) has women thinking of him as god. This ad uses ethos, the big brand name that is trustworthy and is very creditable. Also it uses pathos by stating god is man, this intrigues man and makes him happy to see this beautiful girl with these words practically written all over her. Pathos is also used by the colour imagery, showing

the bottle to be almost above the female having colour to it, where she is boring and black and white. The appeal to logic, logos would tell man that the best brand name is Chivas so the smart thing to do is to buy Chivas, so he the ordinary man could be like a god. This would be very pervasive and definitely be a negative phenomena, correlating a practically naked women, god and alcohol. Advertisement has its negative and its positive factors. It is part of the economy, and the economy is a big part of modern society s life style. Such magazines enable advertisers to direct there advertising to those most likely to benefit from their product. This is definitely a positive factor, allowing the consumer to benefit from the producers product. Though the way the producer informs the

consumer and some products them selves go against traditional moral and value systems, this is the negative use of advertisement. This could easily be shown through examining ads from certain magazines and creating an analysis of the products them selves. This paper uses ethos, pathos and logos to complete its analysis, and give the reader an understanding of the positive and negative phenomena in advertisements.