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Advertisement Essay, Research Paper For some time now our world has run on the scheme of a market based society. Marketing signifies all activities involved in the movement of goods and services from producer to consumer. This process begins with determining the needs and desires of the customer. Following this initial step, a firm must develop products to satisfy those needs and wants. The firms responsible for producing all the goods and services are then accountable on informing the people (or customer) that these goods and services are available for their every desire. This element of marketing is known as advertisement. Advertisement is probably the most important part of marketing, considering it is the component which allows the producer to demonstrate the availability

of the solution to the consumers wants. The most pervasive form of product promotion is advertising. Advertising is any form of non-personal communication designed to sell a product or service. Its purpose is to disseminate information to large groups of people, generally through the use of such mass media as television, radio, magazines, news papers and the internet. The focal point of this essay is on the print medium, magazines. Advertisement is a positive factor when dealing with our economy, but negative in the sense that the producer goes about the wrong way advertising it, some times the advertisements go directly against any system of morals or values, they portray false realities. Though this is the way producers catch the attention of the consumers in order to benefit

the economy. This will be demonstrated through the analysis of magazine advertisements using ethos, pathos and logos. Before one could analyze an advertisement using ethos, pathos and logos, one must be clear on what exactly they are. Ethos is the ethical appeal that uses trustworthiness and credibility of the product and its brand name. Pathos is an appeal to the emotions by presenting images, colors, people, letters, or a combination of the above to evoke feelings of intrigue, happiness, or pleasure in some form. Logos is the appeal to reason or logic, using facts of one sort or another. Although there are a number of general interest magazines, the most important magazines from an advertising standpoint, are those that are directed at a certain target group of people. For

instance, within the magazine Cosmopolitan you will not see advertisements directed toward males, where you would in a magazine like Car & Driver. This paper will explore four of the advertisements in the magazine Maxim which is directed toward males roughly between the ages of 18 and 34. This magazines advertisements use many different approaches to interest the readers. The first advertisement used is a Rockport ad that is supposed to be selling shoes. The ad shows a picture of a woman kissing a man s bear feet, the picture is in black and white. It reads at the bottom of the page ROCKPORT under the companies name it reads NEW YORK BOSTON SANTA MONICA . When the reader first looks at the page unless they know what Rockport sells they would be boggled by what the company is

trying to promote, due to the fact that there is no picture of a product. Is it women slaves? Is it deodorizers for your feet? How is the audience supposed to know what they are selling? In this case Rockport relies mainly on ethos, the credibility of the company s brand name. They use the image of the woman kissing the man s feet to show the man what he will get for having Rockport shoes. This would be good for sales but it illustrates something that s most likely not to happen when you by the shoes. For the man if the picture is true the only logical thing to do is to buy the shoes, this demonstrates logos and pathos giving the man a feeling of happiness and desire. The second ad is for Harley-Davidson, there is a picture on the top, two thirds of the page, and it has