Advances In Science

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Advances In Science….Good Or Essay, Research Paper Advances in Science ..Good or Bad? In this day in age there are many advances in science. Scientists are doing things that would have been thought unthinkable one hundred years ago. Some of these scientific miracles now appear on a regular basis and are socially accepted, but some of the other marvels are not accepted and are shunned by the public. These are the advancements that can possibly pose a threat to Society. There are many scientific advancements in the medical world that are considered saviors. Take for example knee surgery, twenty years ago an ACL operation would be considered a major surgery and would take about five hours, and the entire knee would be torn to pieces in order to repair the torn ligament. Now it

is an outpatient surgery that takes about an hour and is done with the aid of microscopic camera that digs around the inside of the knee. There are four small holes drilled into the skin and then one cut that is about an inch long. It is amazing to see how far we have come in the past twenty years in the scientific field. Although many of the scientific advancements are for good reason, some are seemingly un-useful and very dangerous. One example of that is the newfound love scientist have found in cloning. About five years ago scientist first cloned a sheep. They were amazed at all that the new sheep could do and they studied the life of the cloned sheep to see if it could live a normal life like his original. Many people didn t like this idea because they were afraid that this

experiment would lead to bigger and more complex animals like monkeys and eventually humans. Expert scientist swore that no human would ever be cloned because it was somewhat of the unspoken law. Five years and many studies later it has come up again. Mow in the news a scientist is saying that he is planning to attempt to clone a human before the end of the year. If this does happen this would pose a major threat to society. Can it reproduce? Will it have a different personality than the person he was cloned from? How long will it live? These are all questions that scientist are trying to answer. There is no telling what this clone would be like and if it would have a normal brain. And what would we do if the clone tried to kill someone. Furthermore if there is one cloned human

then what s to stop someone from cloning another, and then another, and then another? Then someday would the clones outnumber the real people? Although Mary Shelley published her book in 1818, it touches base with a number of topics of today s science. What Baron von Frankenstein did in her novel is a lot like what scientist are doing today. Maybe the scientist today need to read Shelley s novel and take head to all that can go wrong when the creation tries to take the role as the creator.