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equal” (Miller 25). The situation of a white boy becoming emotionally attached to a black man in the time period achieves a deep sentimental bond, and accordingly “In order to achieve his point on slavery, Twain had to achieve deep sentimental feeling” (Pearce 360). In closing, Twain used this odd relationship between a white-trash boy, and a runaway slave to create an odd plot which takes many turns, and deeply aims a blow at the post-civil war views on racism during Twain’s own time period. The deeply profound implications given throughout the novel, and the very plot from which they are derived, all are driven by the social interactions of the story. Whether it is an abused boy fleeing from his father, a slave fleeing from being sold down south, or simply the two

outcasts of society living together in harmony as friends, the novel derives all of its force from its social aspects. Without the social aspects of the novel, Twain could have pieced together a collection of short stories about Huckleberry Finn’s life, but he never could have created a masterful Novel that remains on reading lists over one hundred years after he wrote it.