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is my fault , especially when it comes to their children. Parents are protective of their children, but when they use television for babysitters, or don t monitor their children s viewing, they are just as much at fault for the behavior caused by it. While it would be so simple to say I won t let my child watch that programming ; rarely do you hear those words, because parents don t monitor their children. What would you prefer, a child running around the house, or sitting quietly in front of a TV? If parents would take the time to educate their children, the amount of violent and malicious acts would greatly decrease. Television programming has always been of some violent nature, through cartoons, the news, wrestling or fighting shows, and it shows no sign of stopping. The

difference between reality and fiction can be taught at home. Maybe, if the mother of the 5-year old had been more attentive, she would not have lost her daughter. Maybe if the parents of the two boys involved in the Littleton Massacre had taken that extra minute to talk to their kids, countless lives could have been saved. Kid s are very smart these days, and it is easy to assume they know right from wrong. If parents would take the time with their children, to educate them, to tell them that Beavis or Kenny is not real, then maybe a difference can be made.