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Ads On The Internet Essay, Research Paper ADS ON THE NET Introduction The Internet is still in its infancy as an advertising medium. Ad spending on the Internet is low compared to traditional media. However, advertising on the Internet is gaining in popularity as advertisers recognize its enormous marketing potential. Through its phenomenal growth rate it should soon emerge as a prominent advertising medium. Internet advertising is best suited for products and services that target those who use it. According to Web user surveys, the typical user is a highly educated, thirty-five year old male, with an average income of about $60,000. Recent surveys do show, however, that user demographics are moving closer to the characteristics of the general population. There are primarily

two segments of users: students or recent graduates; and professionals, scientists, and educators. The typical Web user has a large amount of disposable income that represents a large sales potential. This is one of the principal factors that draw advertisers to the Web. Forms of Ads used on the Net There are currently three main forms of ads being used on the Internet. These forms are banners, sponsorships and interstitials. The first form of Web ad, and the most commonly used today, is the banner ad. A banner is basically a tiny billboard or electric print ad. It was originally small and simple, allowing quicker downloading. Recently, a growing number of banners include some type of animation that slow downloads considerably. The latest banners feature pull-down menus that

interact with the user to personalize the message. In a sponsorship, the sponsor pays for the right to have his name in a fixed location on a page. The subject matter of the page relates to the sponsor’s product, to build an association. One of the primary functions of the sponsorship is to build a products’ image through repeated exposure. An interstitial is an ad window that pops up onscreen as the user moves between pages or downloads files. The interstitial ad usually incorporates complex animation, and is the most annoying and intrusive form of Web ad. It can drastically lengthen download time, particularly if the user has a relatively slow modem connection. A simpler ad that loads faster, has a higher likelihood of being seen because it will appear before the user

clicks and moves to the next page. Geocities – “The Largest Community on the Web” One of the largest sites on the Web is Geocities. Geocities consists of 40 “communities,” or areas. Each of them is based on a different theme, such as: music, television, sports, finance, and politics. This format shapes the site’s content and gives the user a sense of familiarity and comfort. It also creates an advertiser’s dream where users with common interests can easily be targeted. Geocities is not overloaded with graphics or complex, animated ads. This speeds up site navigation and is appealing to users with slow, primitive hardware. Their site features pages that would appeal to a wide variety of interests, but its conservative design suggests they are primarily targeting an

affluent audience. The ads found here appear as somewhat valuable and informative and not particularly irritating because, unlike some other forms of media, they can be avoided. Ads used on the Geocities site Geocities major advertisers are (books), First USA (credit cards), CD NOW (music), and Surplus/Auction (computers). These advertisers are Geocities sponsors and have ads on every page throughout the site. There are also many other advertisers. They generally appear on pages with subject matter that in some way relate to their product. If you click on Investing, a John Hancock insurance ad appears. Clicking on Health & Fitness brings up an ad that links with The Shopping page features an ad that links to, which is an on-line art and