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families. A home is much better than an institution, or worse, the streets. It would also help by diversifying society. All people are not the same, so why should all families be the same? If children are adopted by gay parents, more people will become accepting and open-minded towards different lifestyles. Society will definitely be positively affected the day that homosexuals can freely adopt. There are many reasons why people believe gays should not freely adopt. A major argument is that children need a male and female figure in their lives in order to develop emotionally. This is true, but most gays have family members and friends who can provide that role. Most same-sex parents say they make a special effort to ensure that their kids learn to relate to adults of the opposite

sex. (Kantrowitz 57) Melissa Etheridge and her partner, Julie Cypher, explain that their kids will not live in a girl vaccum. (Kantrowitz 55) Many people worry that being brought up by gay parents will cause children to be gay. Much study has been done on this issue. Researchers have not found any more or less of a tendency in children brought up by gays to be homosexual themselves. (Harris 4) Also, some believe that it is too traumatic for kids to have gay parents. What about being traumatized by an abusive alcoholic father? They hardly compare. For those who say that the children will be uncomfortable having gay parents, it is they who make the kids uncomfortable. Gays say that what makes their children uncomfortable is not homosexuality itself but society s intolerant attitude

toward it. (Henry 69) People need to realize that there are not really any verifiable reasons for why gays should not be able to adopt children. It is discouraging that there are only a few hundred documented adoptions by open gays. However, hopefully in the near future many more homosexuals and kids without parents will be able to have what they deserve: a family. I would like the day to come when there s nothing to talk about, period, said Jeff Carron, an adoptive father. Whether I m married to Susan or Steve, big deal. Am I nice? Am I good? Am I a loving parent? That s the important thing.