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Adoption By Gays Essay, Research Paper Adoption by Gays is all right by me With this being an age when people are supposedly more open-minded, why is it that gays are frowned upon or denied when they want to adopt a child? Why is it that they are treated unfairly because of their sexual orientation? Many Americans are uncomfortable with the idea of gay parents. The traditional family has always included a mother and a father. However, today gay parents are heading more and more families. Many use artificial insemination or surrogate mothers because it is extremely difficult for gays to adopt children. Although it seems to contradict society s view of the traditional family, homosexuals should be allowed to adopt because they deserve equal rights, and sexual orientation is not

a reasonable determining factor in the qualifications of a parent. I saw a television show the other day on this topic. A gentleman something very interesting adoption is not a right, it is a privilege . If this is the case, there is still not a rational basis for denying homosexuals the privilege to adopt. It is clearly an anti-gay basis. Just as blacks and women have fought for equal rights, gays are now struggling to do the same. It is unfair to single out a group of people with many members who would make great parents. Since we live in a world where all men are created equal , homosexuals should enjoy the same rights a heterosexuals. Gays face discrimination because of their sexual preferences, and now must also face the qualifications for adopting. In a society where

families are often split apart, I think it is great that people are so willing to adopt children, but it is terrible that this one qualification is stopping o many of them. Sexual orientation alone doesn t make a person a good or bad parent. Adoption agencies need to stop using this as a factor. A family is a family, and that is what so many children are in need of. Children need the love homosexuals can provide just as well as heterosexuals. If the many willing gays could adopt these children, it would help our society be lessening the problem of children without families. A home is much better than an institution, or worse the streets. It would also help by diversifying society. All people are not the same, so why should all families have to be the same? If gay parents adopt

children more people will become accepting and open-minded towards different lifestyles. Society will definitely be positively affected the day that homosexuals are allowed to adopt. There are many reasons why people believe gays should not freely adopt. One major argument is that children need a male and female figure in their lives in order to develop emotionally. This is true, but most gays have family members and friends who can provide that role. Most same-sex parents say they make a special effort that their kids learn to relate to adults of the opposite sex. Many people also worry that being brought up by gay parents will cause their children to be gay. These same people believe that it is too traumatic for kids to have gay parents. What about being traumatized by an

abusive alcoholic father? They hardly compare. For those who say that the children will be uncomfortable having gay parents, they are the one s who make the children uncomfortable. Gays say that what makes their children uncomfortable is not homosexuality itself but society s intolerant attitude towards it. People need to realize that there are not really any verifiable reasons for keeping gays from adopting. It is discouraging that there are only a few hundred documented adoptions by open gays. However, hopefully in the near future many more homosexuals and kids without parents will be able to have what they deserve: a family.