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Adolf Hittler Essay, Research Paper Hitler’s Early Years: Adolph Hitler was born in Braunauam Inn, Austria on April 20,1889. He was the son of a minor customs official and a peasant girl. Hitler was never an educated man, he didn’t even finished high school and because of his lack of talent, Hitler was rejected from the Academy of Fine Arts, which he applied to in Vienna. While staying in Vienna until 1913, he lived on an orphan pension, and later earned small earnings from pictures he drew. Adolph Hitler read excessively, which led him to develop anti-Jewish and antidemocratic convictions. During World War I Hitler was in Munich volunteering to be in a Bavarian army. There Hitler proved himself to be a dedicated, courageous soldier but he was never promoted beyond

private first class because the superior people thought of him to lack leadership characteristics. Following the defeat of Germany in 1918 Hitler was led to back to Munich for two years but his return in 1920 caused him to stay in the army. Hitler’s commander made human education officer, that gave him the right to command to immunize his charges against pacifist and democratic ideas. In September of 1919 Hitler joined the Nationalist German Workers’ party. In April 1920 Hitler began working full time as the National Socialist German Workers’ Nazi party. Following 1920 he was elected chairman with dictorial powers. Hitler’s election caused him to later become one of the most powerful dictators in the world during that time. His Growing Power Hitler became a key figure and

in Bavarian politics and he was supported by high officials and business men. Hitler, though, was sentenced to five years in prison for leading an uprising in Munich against the post war rumor Weimar Republic.He proclaimed himself as chancellor of a new authoritarian regime. Hitler served eight months out of the five years he was supposed to in jail and wrote an autobiography Mein Kampf. Once the Great Depression hit, Hitler explained that it was the fault of the Jews. To his content this was accepted by many Germans. With his new found trust by the Germans he began promising them jobs, national glory and a strong Germany to attract their votes. In the next two years the Nazi party kept growing. Germany’s New Dictator Once Hitler was in power he immediately established himself

as a dictator. Even anti-Nazi’s were sent off to concentration camps for believing that the Nazi’s actions were wrong. When Hitler was in power an Enabling Act was passed by legislatures stating that he could make the bureaucracy and the judiciary this way he could replace the Unions labor with only a Nazi- controlled German Labor Front. Hitler wanted to ban all political parties except his own. The German economy, media, and cultural activities were now all under the Nazi control. The Germans and others were now dependent on the Nazi’s. Hitler managed to trick the German people into believing he was good so that he could establish German rule over Europe and other parts of the world.