Adolf Hitler The German Leader Essay Research

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Adolf Hitler, The German Leader Essay, Research Paper 1 Great leaders throughout history have inspired, enlightened, and validated the wildest dreams of ruling the world. Few people in the world have the internal strength, influence, and intelligence to lead the masses into a group fighting for a divine cause. We fear what is powerful and unknown, we love what is ours and great. True patriots have the desired to make their countries better and stronger. Adolf Hitler became a powerful leader of the German Third Reich by his influence over the German people. Corporal Adolf Hitler received orders from headquarters to find out what was behind a political organization which was planning to hold a meeting within the next few days under the name ?German Workers? Party? with

Gottfried Feder as the presiding officer. The government suspected that the ?Workers?? part of the group?s name could possibly involve Marxist dogmas. Marxism was something Hitler was very much against, Marxism is a body of social, political, and economic thought derived from the writings of Karl Marx and his collaborator, Friedrich Engels. Hitler attended and made a report. The Founder, Drexler, gave Hitler a pamphlet he wrote called ?My Political Awakening.? Hitler read it and took a liking to the fact that the man thought a lot like himself. Hitler attended another meeting where he heard a speech called ?By what means is capitalism to be eliminated.? Hitler liked the club, but it was extremely disorganized. He wanted to form a club of his own, not some pasted together group of

local vigilantes. When Hitler came to the next meeting, after some debate whether to go or stay in his bunker and watch the rats eat bread crumbs, he was told that he was the newest inductee, but Hitler had not joined yet. It took a speech by a man from some university to really get Hitler motivated and infuriated, he spoke if separating Bavaria from Prussia. Hitler gabbed on for at least 15 minutes about how ludicrous an idea it was and enlightened everybody that could hear him what was exactly wrong with the nation of Germany, the members were in 2 awe over Hitler?s articulation and they knew he was going to be a remarkable addition to their organization. The unsuccessful coup, or putsch, launched by Adolf Hitler in a Munich beer hall on the night of November 8, 1923, was

designed to bring the Bavarian government and, ultimately, the national government of Germany under the control of the National Socialist party. Munich, the capital of Bavaria, was the cradle of the Nazi movement but was also beset by other right-wing elements that challenged Hitler for leadership. The Munich Putsch, also known as the “beer-hall putsch,” was thus aimed at consolidating Hitler’s own political position as well as overthrowing the Weimar government, which consisted of Jews and Marxists in Berlin, that he viewed as destroying Germany. On November 8, Hitler and General Erich Ludendorff announced the “National Revolution,” and Hitler gave a brief proclamation on top of a makeshift platform where he professed ?A new German National Army will be formed

immediately. The task is to organize the march on that sinful Babel Berlin, and save the German people! Tomorrow will find either a national government in Germany or us dead!? (The History Place? NP) The next day they led a Nazi march on the Bavarian War Ministry. Hitler presumably had led a few Bavarian leaders to follow his lead, but they betrayed him. Hitler?s regiment was defected so he retreated to Hanfstaengl?s house, a friend of his, but three days later he was captured and tried for high treason. Hitler astutely used his public trial to attract nationwide publicity for the Nazi cause. Hitler gave one of his most invigorating speeches that day but he was convicted and he actually served nine months of a five-year prison sentence, during which he wrote Mein Kampf, or in