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Adolf Hitler Essay, Research Paper I am writing this report on Adolf Hitler, who would one day lead a movement that would change the world. Adolf Hitler was born in the small Austrian village of Braunau Am Inn on April 20, 1889. Adolf?s father, Aolis, was born in 1837. Aolis had always used the last name of his mother, Schicklgruber. After some years his uncle convinced him to change his last name to Hiedler, to continue the family name. When it was time to write the name down in the record book it was spelled Hitler, so in 1876, at age 39, Aolis Schicklgruber became Aolis Hitler. In 1885 at the age of 48, Aolis married Klara Polzl, age 24. On April 20, 1889, Adolf was born and baptized Catholic. Hitler?s father was then 52 years old. Eleven years later, the Hitler household

consisted of Adolf, Edmund, Paula, Aolis Jr., and Angela. At age 7 Adolf and his family moved to Lambach, Austria. This would be the first of several moves the family would have to take. In Lambach, Adolf attended a school where the ancient monasteries were decorated with many different signs, one of which was a swastika. Later on in Adolf became very interested in German Nationalism. Also during this time, both of Adolf?s parents died, his father of a lung hemorrage and his mother of natural causes. He dropped out of school in 1905 at age 16. Eight years later, Hitler fled to Vienna to escape arrest as a deserter from the Austrian army. He lived in Munich until the outbreak of World War I, when he volunteered for service in the German army. During the war he served as a dispatch

runner on the western front. He also was promoted to corporal, was wounded twice, and was awarded the Iron Cross, both for first and second class, for bravery. After the war ended Hitler became increasingly and vocally anti-semitic (against jews). This began the Development of the Nazi party in 1919. In the beginning, he was assigned to spy on political parties. On September 22, 1919, he investigated the German Workers Party, this was one of the many nationalist, racist groups that grew in Munich in the post-war years. Hitler joined the party as number 55 and was later made member number 7 of the party?s executive committee. During the next two years he changed the name of the party to the Nationalist Socialists German Worker?s Party, abbreviated as the Nazi party. Hitler?s rise

to power had a little bit of luck, at the time Hitler was rising, Germany was experiencing financial troubles that would make it very easy for someone to start a revolution. That is exactly what Hitler planned, a revolution. In November, the Nazi party had 55,000 followers and were by far the most organized of the many extremist groups wanting power. Hitler thought of a plan in which they would kidnap the leaders of the Bavarian government and force them at gunpoint to make Hitler as the leader. The Nazi party put this into effect when they learned there would be a large gathering of businessmen in a Munich beer hall and the guests of honor would be the Bavarian leaders that they wanted to kidnap. Hitler?s plan didn?t work out as he wanted it to, he was arrested and put in jail

for five years. During his time in prison, Hitler had a spacious cell, had as many visitors as he wanted, and wrote his most famous book Mein Kampf . This book was written between 1923 and 1924. The original title Hitler chose was “Four and a half years of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice.” In this book he announced his hatred toward what he believed to be the twin evils of the world, Communism and Judaism. He also wrote that Germans were a superior form of humanity. He accused the Jews of corrupting everything in the country. He also said in this book, ” By defending myself against the Jews, I am doing the Lord?s work.” Although Hitler?s sentence was for five years, he only served nine months in jail and was let go. The years following were slow, until At