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Adolf Hitler Essay, Research Paper ADOLF HITLER ONE MAN LIFE AND THE IMPACT HE HAD ON THE GERMAN PEOPLE Robert Reischman July 2000 On the evening of April 20, 1889, at 6:30 p.m., the screams of one of life?s most precious things was born. A boy, but not just any boy. This fair skinned child with loving parent, would one day become one of the most feared men ever to walk the earth. This man?s name was Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was born in the small Austrian village of Braunau Amlnn, just across the border from German Bavaria. He was born into a poor family with an embarrassing past. This past would prove to be a lifelong embarrassment and concern to him. Adolf?s father was named Alois Schicklgruber. Alois was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. It is widely

spoke that Alois was the son of a local mill worker that was part Jewish.. In 1876, Alois Schicklgruber took the name Alois Hitler. He wanted his name changed to Hiedler but it ended up in the record books and Hitler. Little Hitler?s mother was born Klara Hiedler. A local girl, that was very poor and had almost no education. She was Alois?s niece by name only. Before Alois and Klara were married they needed to get permission form the Catholic church because Alois changed his name. Alois already had 2 kids from his previous marriages. They came to live with him after the wedding. Klara was already pregnant with a child that had no father. The child died shortly after birth. Klara would have two other kids by Alois before Adolf, but again they also died within hours of birth. After

Adolf birth, two other siblings were born, a brother who lived until his sixth birthday and a sister who out lived Adolf. Adolf started school at age 6. He was an argumentative little ring leader who liked to stay outside and hang around with “husky” boys. He was a good student that had little trouble with school in general. He was not into sports, but did participate in the school choir. Adolf had a beautiful voice and loved to sing. When Adolf started secondary school, his father made him go to a technical school. Adolf was not happy and was held back the first year he attended. The second year he attended he did much better and once again was the ringleader of the other boys. This time he did thing a little different, he would prey on the other boys weakness and get them

to do the things he wanted done. At this time Adolf and his friends started using German greetings like “Heil,” and sang the German anthem “Deutschland Uber Alles” instead of the traditional Austrian Imperial Anthem. German Nationalism quickly became an obsession of Adolf Hitlers?. In 1903 at the age of 13, Hitler?s father died. This was the first time that Adolf had to deal with death first hand. Hitler started going down hill in school and became very uncooperative. Among Hitler?s antics-giving contrary, insulting, argumentative answers to questions which upset the teacher and delighted the other boys who sometimes applauded him. He really believed in what he would say but the other boys took it as a joke. At the age of 16, Hitler lost interest in technical school and

drooped out to go to Vienna to study arts. On January 14, 1907, Adolf Hitler?s mother was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer by a Jewish doctor. Hitler rushed home to find that his mother needed immediate surgery. In the months that followed Klara?s condition worsened and Hitler decided to return home to help with the family. Klara died on Christmas Eve and was put to rest next to her husband. Klara?s death devastated Hitler. His mother was the one person that he really cared about. He was lost for a very long time and had a hard time concentrating on anything. Even after returning to Vienna, Hitler could not concentrate. He ended up sleeping on park benches and eating at charity soup kitchens. This time frame is when Hitler formulated many of his ideas on politics and race