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Adolf Hitler 2 Essay, Research Paper Adolf Hitler was a German political and government leader. And he is one of the 20th century s most powerful dictators, when he ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945.He turned Germany into a powerful war machine and provoked World War II in 1939,when he invaded Poland. He built the Nazi party into a mass movement. For sometime he dominated most of Europe and North Africa. He caused the slaughter of millions of Jews and others whom he considered inferior. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20,1889 in Branau am Inn, Austria. Adolf s father, Alois Hitler was a minor customs official. He died in 1903.Adolf s mother, Klara Hitler was a peasant girl. She died in 1907.Hitler did not do well in school and he dropped out of high school. He was eager to

become an artist, so he applied to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 1907 and 1908 but he was rejected both times. During his spare time he read alot, developing anti-Jewish and antidemocratic views. When World War I started Hitler was rejected by the Austrian Army, but accepted by the German Army. He served as a messenger on the Western Front for most of the war, taking part in some of the bloodiest battles. He was wounded and received the Iron Cross for bravery. But he was never promoted higher than lance corporal. But after the war he found himself unable to find a job. After Germany s defeat in 1918 he returned to Munich, remaining in the army until 1920.In September 1919 he joined the nationalist German Workers Party. In April 1920 he went to work full time for the

party, now renamed the National Socialist German Workers Party or the Nazi party. In 1921 he was elected party chairman with dictatorial powers. He now became known as Der Fuhrer. The Nazis aim was to organize all Germans into one nation. And to rid the Jews of German citizenship and eliminate them completely. He organized meetings with his personal bodyguard force, the Storm Troopers. In November 1923,at a time of political and economic chaos, he led an uprising or Putsch in Munich against the postwar Weimar Republic, the German government. This was known as the Beer Hall Putsch. However the Putsch collapsed. Hitler was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison. He only spent nine months in prison. During this time he spent writing his autobiography, Mein Kampf which means

My Struggle. In it was a plan to conquer Europe and much of the world. The failure of the Beer Hall Putsch taught Hitler that the Nazi Party must use legal means to assume power. Hitler was released as a result of general amnesty in December 1924.He then rebuilt his party without interference from those whose government he tried to overthrow. When the Great Depression struck in 1929,Hitler explained it as a Jewish-Communist plot. This was accepted by many Germans. Hitler promised a strong Germany, jobs, and national glory. He attracted millions of voters. Nazi representation in the Reichstag, the German parliament, rose from 12 seats in 1928 to 107 seats in 1930.The Nazi Party was becoming widespread and popular and was recognized as a legitimate party. On January 30,1933,the

president of Germany, Paul von Hindenburg named Adolf Hitler chancellor of Germany. Once in power, Hitler quickly established himself as a dictator. Hitler called his government the Third Reich. In 1933,Hitler s government passed the Enabling Act which permitted Hitler s government to make laws without the legislation. This act made the legislation powerless. This act Nazified the country and banned all political parties except his own. All the anti-Nazis were round up and taken to concentration camps. To intimidate his opponents, Hitler relied on jails, concentration camps, and his secret police, the Gestapo. His armament drive wiped out unemployment. Hitler grouped all the workers and employers into what was called the German Labor Front. Hitler told the Germans that they were