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Adolescents Essay, Research Paper When you go through adolescence you change in many ways and one of the types of changes is physical. When you change physically it is commonly know as going through puberty. Girls normally reach the start of puberty first. It starts around the age of ten with their first growth spurt. From there, their breasts fill out and develop pubic hair. Then normally between the ages of 12 and 13 she has her first period. Guys are a little different, their first growth spurt happens 24 to 27 months later than girls. After the boy hits his growth spurt, he begins to develop pubic hair, and also develops larger genitals this happens around the age of 12. Then at the age of 12 to 13 male achieve their first ejaculation. Some other things happen to boys

that don t happen to girls, they develop a larger heart and lungs, their voices begin to deepen, and they grow hair on their face and chest. 2. Dealing with the physical changes of adolescents can be very stressful and not very fun. For example asynchrony, that is the uneven growth of body parts, like feet and hand. The reason why this can be so stressful is because nowadays a lot of people get made fun of because of the way they look and of course kids don t like to be made fun of. Stress is a big part in everybody s life. As a matter of fact you have a lot of stress even as an adolescent. Some things that put stress on the life of an adolescent are family. The way that family can cause a great amount of stress on an adolescent is because they have certain expectations, like in

school. Your parents expect you to get good grades. Other things that they expect you to do are chores; they expect you to be on your best behavior at all times. Well, I got news for all parents out there, kids are not perfect. Other things that are big stress factors in the life of an adolescent are school and jobs. School in my opinion is the most stressful experience in a kid s life. The reason for this is that you go to school for six hours and than you come home and you still have to do your homework. Then the reason why your job can be so stressful is that you get tired after working and you come home and you still have your homework to do, from you stressful day at school. Some ways that you can reduce the stress in your everyday life is just try to relax and to into a

quiet room and sit. You could also turn on some mellow music and sit in a nice hot bath. You could even write down your thoughts into the form of poetry, or just do what ever makes you comfortable, and relaxed. 3. There are three different types of families. The first type of family is an authoritarian family, That is where the parents are the bosses. The parents in the authoritarian feel that they don t have to explain their actions. The kids in this type of family might be more efficient in the real world because they are more discipline. Another type of family is the democratic or authoritative family, that is where the parents and the kids communate more and discitaions are based on the thoughts of both groups, the kids and adults. Studies show that adolescents who have grown

up in democratic families are more confident of these own values and goals. Then there is the permissive family, where the children have the final say in the things that go on in the house. It first starts out when the parents try to set the rules and then the children get mad when they don t get there way and then the parents just give up. Like when the child wants a toy and the parents say no and the child cries until they get it. Then is just goes overboard from there, like the child will tell when they come and go. All these things relate to me in some way or another. Like my parents give me so much stress about my grades and about getting a job I can t stand it! Another thing that plays a big part in my life is the type of my family. My family is democratic type, and I am