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weapons has been cited as an important factor contributing to the rise of violence- related injuries among adolescents" (JAMA, 1998, p.167). Young children are accounting for more violent crime than ever before. This kind of violence makes me very afraid for my wife and children. I have seen and talked with morally vacant children at my job at the Oregon Health Sciences University. My hart sinks to my stomach at times. There are probably many possible causes of delinquency that I haven’t mentioned in this paper. It is my belief that parents my unknowingly push their children toward delinquency by simply using poor parenting styles. I believe, as the text, the most damaging parenting model is when parents show no interest in their role as a parent, and combine this with a

low level of affection. This indifferent parenting style offers absolutely no guidance to an adolescent, leaving plenty of room for those environmental factors to take over. A clearly more effective parenting style models the authoritative style highlighted in our text. Children brought up under this framework have a much better chance of avoiding the pit falls of delinquency. There has also been legislation introduced to use public funds to empower religious institutions to act as safe havens for at risk children. Many deterrents have been tried to reduce the effects of juvenile delinquency. More youths are being tried as adults in certain cases, and curfews are being enforced now more than ever. Law enforcement agiencies aggressivly enforce truency laws, and most officers I

talk to are very intollerent of the slightest sign of disrespect when approaching suspect youths. Child and family counseling techniques have changed to fit more complex and extreme situations. The fact is that we live in an imperfect world, and final solutions to this problem will probably not be found by men, but by God.