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?Admiring A Friend? Essay, Research Paper Tim Taylor Expository Essay Dr. Joanna Perice 09/11/00 “Admiring a friend” I am sitting in this blank room looking for something to inspire me. When suddenly I look out my dorm room window and a wafting smell of brownies fills my nostrils. Immediately I begin to think about how much I really admire my mom for her many accomplishments, and her overcoming of many obstacles. She has always been there for me. No matter the circumstances she has always risen to the occasion helping me to accomplish my own desires and goals. My mom has jet-black curly hair. She is about 6’00” feet tall. And her complexion is age defying, like Julie Andrews as “Peter Pan”. Her skin is as soft as a hand quilted blanket that keeps you warm during

the winter. Her eyes a tigress gold and sea green in color. The two colors look as if the were in a constant battle for dominance. She smells of a sunny spring day when all the wild flowers are in bloom. This is what makes up my mom’s looks, hers what makes up her soul. My mother’s name is Sara McCurly; she was born in Macon, Georgia. Her parents were Timothy and Irene McCurly. He was Judge in the courts of Georgia and she was a housewife. They also had a maid by the name of Milly. They raised my mom with an upper class stern hand. Teaching her under the code of the south. She was an only child living in the 50’s when there was no Television. The only entertainment she had was her baby dolls, and a vivid imagination. She would tell me stories of the time she would spend at

an old, child size, oak table, hosting tea parties to her dolls. She would have conversations, arguments, drinking invisible Tea as the adults did in those days. She said she would always mimic her mother’s friends when they would come for tea. Once she finally matured into a young teenager with the knowledge of the world began to rebel as all teenagers of the sixties era did running around with young boys, cursing the strips and smoking cigarettes with her influential friends. Luckily enough she still made it through high school and graduated as valedictorian. After high school she decided to attend the University of Georgia in the fall with the influence of her parents backing her decision. Not really ever having a chance to “expand her horizons” she spread her wings as

if a newly hatched bird learning to fly for the first time. She probably stayed in school for maybe 10 months, until she decided that she did not need an education. So got her best friend in the school talked her into believing the something and they took off leaving all of their belongings. They left in such a hurry that my mom forgot to pack her shoes. Their destination was Washington D.C. Once they got there my mom’s brilliant ideas came to stop, and they had nothing. While my mom was gallivanting around in Washington a student a Georgia began to worry about her his name was Michael Taylor a basketball player who liked my mom a lot. Well, he found out that she indeed left school and was off finding her self in Washington. He then got the notion to go find her scoop her up

and bring her back home and marry her. Ounce he brought her back and they settled down he finished school and they moved to Massachusetts so that Michael could attend grad school. In the process my brother was born on February 1972. Now here a problem arose “how to afford grad school and keep a house a wife and a new born happy.” So my mom willingly took the role of a working parent. She worked two jobs to keep her husband in school, food on the table and cloths on her son’s back. By the way my brothers name is Michael Keith Taylor Jr. They lived there for three years, deciding they could not afford living in Massachusetts they moved north to Vermont. Then my father ounce again applied for grad school at the university of Vermont, and same as before my mom was the sole