Adjusting To A New World Essay Research

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Adjusting To A New World Essay, Research Paper Imagine living in a society that does not accept you and at the same time living in a culture that is familiar to you but “foreign” to everyone else. This is true for many Asian Americans who have immigrated to the United States. Some people have the option of leaving their homeland while others such as the Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laos, and Mien people were forced to leave in order to live. People who choose to immigrate to the United States usually think about why they are leaving and at least maybe have some relatives living here. For the refugees, they often had to start completely on their own in a country where they cannot even speak the language. Once they are in the United States these immigrants must adjust to the new

society. The transition from your homeland to another country is often a difficult one. The Vietnam War sparked a new wave of Asian immigrants to the United States. Southeast Asians specifically were forced to flee during the war and after due to the fear of communism. Before they were allowed to settle in the United States the refugees were placed at refugee camps where they waited to be accepted for entry into the United States. At the camps they were taught English and basic skills. From the camps, families or churches sponsored some refugees. Most refugees fled to the United States with very little assets or nothing at all. Many refugees had a strenuous time adjusting to the new society. Numerous amounts of people found it difficult to live their life as they did in their own

country. Once the Southeast Asian?s had established themselves in this country they were faced with money and language problems as well as racism. Since in most Southeast Asian countries English is not taught in school, it was very hard for them to acquire good paying jobs because of their lack of communication skills. Therefore, their only choice was to take blue-collar jobs such as washing dishes for a restaurant. This led to a number of refugees living in poverty. The refugees faced racism because once they were in the United States, a few programs were set up to help them adjust to the new society. Other people of color were angry that the government was helping the refugees find employment while there were still people who were citizens of the country who did not even have a

job of their own. The trauma of the war and the act of fleeing from the country as well have contributed to the adjustment of the refugees to the United States. During the fleeing, families were split up due to the all the chaos. A few family members died because of the rush to be included in one of the boats that were to take them to safety. “Their circumstances in Asia are usually more disrupted and difficult the decision to leave frequently abrupt. Departures are often clandestine and journeys dangerous. In some cases, experiences are exceptionally traumatic, with associated long-term emotional difficulties. Most arrive in the United States with relatively few belongings or assets and no ideas what their future may be. ” (Collier 69) I agree with this statement because I

have spoken to a few children of parents who have had to go through this emotional trauma. Their parents have told me stories of how it was difficult first to flee the country and then to adapt to the way of life in the United States. Upon their arrival to the United States, refugees who were sponsored by a church were usually picked up by them and taken to a place where they could live. They were then enrolled in school and the father was given a job. Although the people from the churches helped the refugees, they still had problems adapting to the new society. ” Moving to a country where you cannot speak or understand the language and everything is new and strange to you can be troublesome. The following quote is from a girl whose life was disrupted by the war. “Starting a