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Adhd Essay, Research Paper The implications for teaching students with ADHD can be difficult depending on the amount of time one wants to put into it. Some teachers may not have the time to spend hours researching the most effective styles to teach the ADHD student. Other teachers may not have the desire to research. So like most situations in life, there is an easy way and a hard way. However, I do believe that the hard way would be most fulfilling to the teacher and it would definitely enhance the student. There are three major areas for teachers to be mindful of when setting up a classroom with ADHD students. These three areas of accommodations are: physical, instructional, and behavioral. These, as well as a few more helpful hints will provide the teacher and students

with a healthy classroom environment. Physical accommodations for the ADHD student should include a normal classroom environment with a few extra steps taken. The first idea for physical accommodation is to provide a structured environment. The primary theme to this is to seat the student in a good location. ADHD students do better if they are seated more towards the front of the class and near the teacher, preferably between well-focused classmates. This placement relieves some of the student?s distractibility. If the student should choose to sit in the back of the class then it is likely that this will be more distracting because of all the other students and activities in the way. It is best if classroom rules are posted clearly and reviewed every so often to maintain good

behavior. This provides less confusion and more control if the student tries to take advantage of the rules. Also, because an ADHD student is so easily distracted, it helps them focus if there is a class schedule posted on the board. If anything out of the ordinary, such as a field trip, is to take place, it is best to post this a few days in advance so the student may mentally prepare for this change. Teachers may want to encourage the student to organize his or her workspace so that the student does not become easily distracted by the surrounding clutter. The student may also find it helpful to color code assignments or notes so that they are easier to understand and read. The second idea for physical accommodation is to provide a private workspace for the student should they

need it. This could be a quiet, comfortable area off in the corner, or an extra desk placed at a distance from the rest of the class. This can also be effective for disciplinary measures when the teacher may want to place the student in ?time out?. One thing to remember is that if the private workplace is something comfortable in the corner then the teacher may want to offer this space to other students as well. The teacher does not want to neglect the other students? needs. This space can serve a dual purpose by creating a reward for some students in the class while setting aside a specific space in the class for the ADHD student to get away when needed. The main idea for effective physical accommodations is to provide a structured classroom with few distractions so that

learning is easier for the student. The next accommodation for a teacher to make is in the instructional area. Not all students learn in the same fashion and this is especially true for the ADHD student. There are five parts to good instruction for the student. First, the teacher should be ready to repeat and simplify instructions. Oral directions should be clear and simple and it is helpful to make eye contact with the student to lock their attention into what is being said. The more complex and wordy the instructions are, the more the student?s attention is lost. Giving examples along with the instructions also helps the student visualize the task. Make sure the directions are understood by asking the student to repeat the directions back. Anything in writing helps the student