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diagnosis, cause, and treatmant as ADHD. Conclusion Looking at the big picture of Attention Deficit HyperactivityDisorder, we see that there are few characteristics that are concrete. Everything seems to vary with who, what, when, and how. One thingthat is definite is that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is real and iteffects more people than that are diagnosed. Hopefully in time,researchers will come up with concrete answers in reference to thecause and the most effective treatments. Until that day comes, we needto be conscious of and patient with people that have ADHD. References Amen, D. (1995) Windows into the ADD mind. Fairfield, CA: Mindworks Press. Barkley, R. (1995) Taking charge of ADHD. New York: GuilfordPress. (1998) Decade of the brain

[On-line] Available: Phelan, T. (1998) All about attention deficit disorder. glen Ellyn,Illinois: Child Management Inc. Reif, S. (1998) The ADD/ADHD checklist. Paramus, NJ: PrenticeHall. Sears, W. & Thompson, L. (1998) The ADD book. New York : Little Brown and Company