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Addicted To Internet Essay, Research Paper ADDICTED TO INTERNET In the past several years many people have been getting computer literate. As time passes by, people also have been getting addicted to their computers. These people have spent most of their time in front of their computers. These certain type of people can be categorized as to positive social reasons, finding information, negative minded, and to playing games. The first category of being computer addicted is positive social reasons. People go inside the internet to meet people of the opposite sex. The reason is to try to meet the perfect person to get involved with or maybe to get married. Others just chat in the internet to meet friends all around the world. Maybe that person is feeling lonely and feels that he

or she wants to talk to somebody. Others just chat for the fun of it to mess around with other people s mind. Probably that person wants to get somebody angry and wants to have a very great conversation. The second category is finding information. People who want more detail information on a specific topic, go inside the internet. Others maybe have research papers or homework and are having problems doing their work and want to find more information on what they are working on, they go inside the internet. Students who do not have the time to drive or can not get a ride at a certain hour for class session, they sign up to get class session through the internet and could get lectured right at home. The third category of being computer addicted is negative social reasons(perverted

minded). Most of the common people who have a perverted mind are men. Some of the men who do not have nothing to do at all, they go inside the internet and try to find some pictures or movies of naked women. Some other men probably have their own web page and put up all the pictures of naked women in the internet. Sometimes I question myself does anything in the world functions for positive use only? The final category of being computer addicted is playing games. Some people go into the internet to play all the free games available. Some people spend most of their time playing all of the games that they enjoy the most. A very good example of a game addict is my girlfriend. When she starts playing a game called Pinball 3D and I tell her to stop, she refuses to stop playing the

game because she tells me that she has a high score, I mean it s like a drug, you can not get enough of it. In the past several years more people around the world are becoming computer literate. Pretty soon people will not even go out of their homes to go to a local library or to a mall. With the internet you could browse through to find any book that you need or find information about. And also with the internet you could get items that you need straight to your home without taking a step out of your house. You could do so many things with the internet, that s why it s probably addicted. As far as I am concern the world is becoming a spooky place to live on, what will they think of next? You might never guess.