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Add Adhd Essay, Research Paper ADD/ADHD ADHD is one of the most common mental disorder, affecting 3-5% of children, or about one in every classroom. Once it was thought that only boys are affected by ADHD but it is now knows that the ratio affected boys to affected girls is about 3-1. For me many people ADHD continues for their entire life. Scientists have recently made advances in the field of ADHD and variety, of options are available to those who live with it. The advances involve medications – education – alternatives, and be havior changing therapies. Scientists hope to help those with ADHD build self-esteem, and focus their attention. Scientist are currently looking for ways to pinpoint the exact cause of ADHD and learn how to treat and prevent it. People who have

ADHD have no physical signs of it, and their behavior can vary from person to person. To be diagnosed with ADHD, a person must display characteristic behavior consistently over a period of time. Most of the behaviors fall into tree major categories. Tinaltensron, Hyperactivity, and Impassivity. Those with ADHD usually have a hard time keeping their mind on one task. They are inattentive and get board after a few minutes of doing some tasks. While they may be able to give proper attention to favorite activities, organizing and deliberately finishing something, or learning something new can be an extremely laborious task. Often children with ADHD seem to be in fast forward. They cannot seem to sit still. They will roam around, fidget, and shift from one uncompleted task to another.

Children with ADHD are often impulsive and will not think about doing on act, or even be able to control their reactions to do something. They will have a hard time waiting for things, may have a short temper, and will blurt things out. Not all people who do these things have ADHD. Most everyone will at some time leave a task unfinished, blurt something out he or she do not want to say or be forgetful. The specialists will asses someone by determining weather the behaviors are a common problem and appear everywhere. The specialists will also set the person s behavior against a list of set characteristics of people with ADHD. The list of characteristics appears in the DSM, or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental Disorders. The DSM says that people who show signs of being

inattentive, impulsitivity and are hyperactive may be ADHD if the behavior stands out before age seven and last for more than six months. The behaviors must also create a handicap in two areas of the person s life. These areas may include places like school or home or social settings. Children with ADHD will often be distracted with outside things like a window, an air conditioner; body distractions like a itch from a wool sweater, other thoughts like plans for the weekend, and daydreams (Levine 22). The signs of being inattentive are: -Becoming easily distracted by irrelevant sights and sounds. -Failing to pay attention to details and making careless mistakes. -Rarely following carefully and completely -Losing or forgetting things like toys, pencils, books and tools needed for a

task Some signs of hyperactivity and inpulesitivity are: -Feeling restless, often squirming or fidgeting with hands or feet -Running, climbing or leaving a seat, in situations where siting or quiet behavior is expected -Blurting out answers before hearing the whole question -Having difficulty waiting in line for a turn (National, online) Distractions such as seizures, fears, and middle ear infections may create the same characteristics as above in a person. Also, if work is too easy or too hard, a child can become board and restless, that can appear to be ADHD. Therefore, phycologisits are very careful in labeling someone ADHD. It is considered a serious diagnosis, and often requires long term concealing and medication. Other disorders often go hand in hand with ADHD. Those with