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addition, bridges are corroding at a faster rate, and the railway industry as well as the airplane industry have to expend more money in repairing the Corrosive damage done by acid rain. Not only is this an economically taxing problem caused by acid rain, but also a safety hazard to the General public; as an illustration, in 1967, the bridge over the Ohio River collapsed killing 46 people – the reason? Corrosion due to acid rain. Effects On Humans Among one of the serious side effects of acid pollution on humans is respiratory problems. The SO2 and NO2 emmisions give rise to respiratory problems such as asthma, dry coughs, headaches, eye, nose and throat irritations. An indirect effect of acid precipitation on humans is that the toxic metals dissolved in the water are absorbed

in fruits, vegetables and in the tissues of animals. Although these toxic metals do not directly affect the animals, they have serious effects on humans when they are being consumed. For example, mercury that accumulate in the organs and tissues of the animals has been linked with brain damage in children as well as nerve disorders, brain damage and death. Similarly, another metal, Aluminium, present in the organs of the animals, has been associated with kidney problems and recently, was suspected to be related to Alzheimer’s disease. Bibliography Elliott, Thomas C., and Robert G. Schwieger (Editors). The Acid Rain Sourcebook. New York: McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1984. Bown, William. “Europe’s forests fall to acid rain”. New Scientist. Vol. 127. August 11, 1990. p. 17 Calvert,

Jack G.(Editor) “SO2, NO and NO2 Oxidation Mechanisms: Atmospheric Considerations” Acid Rain Precipitation Series, Volume 3. Toronto: Butterworth Publishers, 1984.