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idea that a tape recorder might be a solution to the problem. What else is a tape recorder if not an aid to memory? “In fulfillment of the will of Zeus” is another theme of the Iliad. In order to include it, I interpreted the gods as psychological phenomena, and, therefore, the compulsions of the unresolved complex which affects Achilles behaviour is the re-internalization of Homer’s externalization of internal psychic activities. (I think drawing a diagram may help you decipher that last sentence.) The last theme, of corpses being left as carrion for the dogs, was relegated to a minor position: a few gratuitous remarks of Achilles to the way he was going to treat Hector. The task is now complete. I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I hated writing it. Before you mark

it, allow me to interject a quick quote from Shakespeare: “The quality of mercy is not strain’d”. I am sorry if this feeble attempt at story writing does not fill your expectations for this paper. I will write a research paper if you deem this unfit and unacceptible.