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Accepting Responsibility Essay, Research Paper As a parent with a young child, your main goal is to teach him responsibility. When children are growing up, especially your own children, you only want what is best for them. You want them to make good decisions and the right choices. But as we all know, sometimes that is not always what happens; that is why not only children but people must accept responsibility for their actions. People are sometimes forced to make decisions that are not always the right ones or the easiest ones. For example, Stacy, a 21-year old girl, found herself in a situation that she never thought she would be in and was made to take responsibility for her actions. Stacy was involved with a guy for only a few weeks and then broke it off. A couple of

weeks after the break-up, she discovered she was pregnant. Stacy was made to take responsibility for what was being put before her. Stacy now found her life turned upside down. Her life had taken a turn that was not expected for many years yet down the road. Stacy was not living at home, so she quit her job and moved back home. She struggled with telling her parents that she was pregnant, fearing what they would think of her. Surprisingly, it went better than what she had pictured. Now she had found a part-time job and started back to school. When it was time for the baby to come, she knew that her life would never be the same. Stacy now had to take responsibility. Stacy s responsibilities had changed drastically, now she was a single parent living at home with her parents. There

was going to be no more going out with her friends and going to parties or doing what most 21 year olds do. It was going to be changing diapers, feeding the baby, and getting up at all hours of the night, and finding a full time job to support herself and the baby. Stacy had to adjust to a very different life style than what she was used to, but she began to adjust and adapt to being a single parent. Being a single parent is not easy, but Stacy accepted the responsibility for her action even though it was not an easy thing to do. With a full time job and the support of her family Stacy settled down to raising her son. As he grows and gets older, she wants to make sure that he knows that if decisions are right or wrong he has to be able to take responsibility for his actions. Life

is responsibility, and it is each individual s choice whether or not to take responsibility for what she does. Those who do will lead a more fulfilled life, and those who choose not to will suffer the consequences. Luckily, Stacy was one who chose to do the right thing and made a bad situation turn into a life lesson.