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educate the Supreme court to the fact that subjective assessment devices are amenable to psychometric scrutiny using validation techniques already familiar to the court in cases involving standardized testing.” Throughout the journal there are many graphs and statistical charts relating to the articles. The graphs would be understandable to anyone in the psychological field, to a college student like me, it just looks like a bunch of words and numbers in a square. Nothing in the journal stood out and made me want to read on, I could barely keep my concentration on reading the information long enough to get good notes down, unlike URB where I sit down and get lost in the magazine for hours just reading on and on. Throughout the journal there were footnotes at the bottom of the

pages to help the reader along through the reading material. American Psychologist also had an obituary section to announce the deaths of people that have influenced the field of psychology. I did not seem to notice either of those in URB magazine. In comparing the two discourse communities, I realized that to understand what is going on in the academic world, a lot of time and studying must be put into grasping and understanding the information that is covered in the specific field that interests you. Everyone wants to be able to show off their level of intelligence and seem somewhat of an “expert” in their chosen field. The popular discourse community seems to be more of an entertainment level of knowledge. The things read in popular magazines are things that anyone can

learn just by reading the information once or twice. Basically just small talk and gossip, things that people thrive off of. The differences that I have stated prove that there is a higher level of intelligence need to be able to communicate in an academic environment, unlike a popular community where you can hold a conversation about less complex, unlearned things.