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that it is over, it is not. Not only do they punish the families, (or woman), by taking a girl from a family and putting her in an orphanage and torturing the girl, but they also have punishment for families who do not comply with the law, (just when you though it was safe to have babies ). According to the China Rights Forum, a twenty-two year old female population control officer told the journal about her everyday activities on the population control: Some of the people we are trying to control want to escape from us. Then we hold someone else in the family in a cell the mother, the father . for several weeks, several months, sometimes until the person in questioning shows up. Occasionally, the whole family disappears; they go off to another region. Then we burn their house .

the first time I went to a village, I was very shocked by the violent behavior of my colleagues: they shout and threaten people with truncheons. But now, I am used to it. It is necessary for the enforcement of the rules. There are too many people in China. (5) The laws, just looking and reading them, make me sick. How can the government look the families straight in the eye, and take the children and torture them. The government needs to be taken over and something needs to be done. Thousands of children s blood is shed on government s hands every year. I have always been taught on how the Chinese are more advanced for the time. Well they were wrong and obviously so was I? The Chinese to me, are unjustly taking children and torturing and killing them. They are taking precious

children, who do not know any better and slaughtering them like animals. And if the law is broken, the families are taken away and broken up. Now just when you think it is all over, there is more. Let me touch on the abortion issue. Women are encouraged or forced to consent to abort from all the way up until the ninth moth of pregnancy, with unsterilized tools causing the women to become ill or even emotionally drained. One Chinese woman described, in a written statement provided to HIRC, how doctors in a Xi am hospital performed an abortion on her when she was eight and a half months pregnant. I was held down on the operating table. One doctor injected, through my belly, into my uterus, formaldehyde liquid I knew my child was to die in a few minutes 48 hours later, after being

induced into labor, in front of a room full of people, I gave birth to a live baby boy He had a big head and lovely legs and arms But the doctors immediately killed him while I watched helplessly. Then they took him out to be thrown away. This woman has since developed depression. Whenever she recalls the scene of her baby being killed in front of her, she says she cries uncontrollably. (Unfair Burdens 4) You know, for a country that does so much to people who break the law and the very low amount of crime in the country, they have some very barbaric ways to control a simple issue of population control . Now, it seems to me like it is okay for the government to murder, but God forbid if the community were to kill. You know, it is what I always say, Practice what you preach . If

you are not going to abide by what you say, it does not give you the right to do it under NO circumstances. After the extensive look of just a few of the issues, I decided to look at the other side, as much as I regrettably did not want to. Just by looking at the most recent article, it seems that the government has seen what they were doing and tried to reform. The constitution on China clearly specifies: The state promotes the all around moral, intellectual and physical development of children and young people, children are protected by the state, and maltreatment of children is prohibited . (Shan 2) Now I do not know if actions, like I have discussed are taking place, but that would be a whole new paper. I could go on and on about issues that need to be changed, but that would

require more pages than I am allowed. 350