Absurdity Essay Research Paper Absurdity

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Absurdity Essay, Research Paper Absurdity # O. Building Below the stairs in front of the building. When walking up the stairs, the gate of the building opens wide as if it welcomes you, and you get to a door after passing through a long hallway. when the door opens, you see the inside of the room with a bright atmosphere. And a moment later, the caption goes up on a black screen. -F. I # 1. A Room Coming through the blinds, warm rays of sunlight cover the room softly, and a pendulum of the metallic ornament is moving in no directions under the window. And a voice is heard. Man #1. N); It is the fifth time. You, thickhead. Dont’ hurry. Just listen to what I am saying. It has been already the fifth time that my presentiment came true. Of course, I studied some astrology and

physiognomy when I was young. But, those are far from enough for me to explain the presentiment like this. Right, I bet it is intuition. Did you hear about telepathy? I guess this is something like that. I had a strange feeling yesterday morning. It was early at dawn. I had slept out the day before yesterday. I don’t remember where I slept, but I felt it was a little cold. My place?. Well, my house is great! There is my cozy room on the second floor. By the way……., you, ignorant……idiot. Listen carefully. As I said a moment ago, telepathy, that is it. I was waiting with the telepathy, hiding in a side street of the mental hospital. -O.L- # 2. In the alley in the front gate of the mental hospital(early morning) A raggedly dressed man is waiting for something, hiding

behind the wall and shaking with cold. A broad garden is seen through the windows of the hospital and a huge iron gate that is opened wide. Following is Man #2. With messy hair and glasses on, he looks around the surroundings after looking at his watch. Man #1 is watching Man #2’s movements carefully. Man #2 starts walking toward Man #1 right after noticing him. Man #1 runs out of the alley as if running away. Man #1. N); Why do I run away? Well, yesterday couldn’t be exception after the last four times’ run-away. After running here and there through the alleys, Man #2 stops when he gets to a place that sells broths to chase a hangover. Man #1, grinning in front of the glass door, opens the rattling door to enter. # 3. In the restaurant that sells broths to chase a hangover

Man #1 turns around to close the door quietly, and turns around again. He looks around the inside of the restaurant. Nobody is seen in the restaurant when the camera pans following the man’s eyes. When the camera comes back after a pause, there are men sitting in an orderly manner. After grinning a little while, he flops down on the table with a solemn look, sitting with his back against the glass window. Man #1:(In a dignified manner) Could you bring me a broth soup and a bottle of So-Ju?(the best known Korean hard liquor). When he was about to drink it off after he pours out some So-Ju into a glass, he suddenly stops, and looks back to take a quick glance as if embarrassed. The camera pans following the man’s eyes. Man #2 enters through the glass door. Again, Man #1 is

sitting calmly with a solemn look as if nothing happened. Man #2 comes to the opposite side of the table on which Man #1 is sitting ,and takes a seat. Man #2; Can I get a cup of coffee, here? Man #1 turns his eyes away from Man #2, frowning at Man #2 as if he feels Man #2 looks pitiful to him. N): What an insane! Man #2 smiled a cynical smile with a pitiful look. Man #1(with a disagreeable look): This is not a tea house. Man #2 quickly held up his head and pulled up his glasses as if he was embarrassed. Man #2(cautiously)What is it you are drinking? Man #1(bluntly)I am gulping down So-Ju. Man #1(grinning)Do you think it is So-Ju? No, it is Coffee. Man #1 looks down the glass on the table in surprise. There, a cup of coffee is sitting on the table. When he looked around the