Absoluve Versus Relative Evil Essay Research Paper

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Absoluve Versus Relative Evil Essay, Research Paper Danny RheeEnglish IIIDecember 22, 1998 Absolute Versus Relative Evil As absolute evil is compared to relative evil, one can conclude that our society today, molds evil as relative. By trying to find the root of absolute evil, it may have been pronounced beyond the breech of our imaginations. An example of absolute evil has existed beyond our belief, absolute evil has been demonstrated in many aspects of life, one example would be during the anglo-saxon time period, in the short story Beowulf. Today, as our society remains modernized, we have yet to see how absolute evil is exemplified. The theory of absolute evil is actually meaning that one would commit pain or suffrage to others for the sheer pleasure of wrong doing. Yet,

today in our society no one human being posses the power of absolute evil. Although people may steal, commit acts of sin, murder, assault, etc. that in modern senses, does not mean one is captioned as absolute evil. Such examples include, Timothy McVeigh, Bill Katinsky, Al Kapone and even The President himself, Bill Clinton are not considered absolute evil. Even though they have all committed a unlawful act of human civilization. All this may be considered relative evil, but consider this. What if one commits a sin of evil to survive? Such as stealing food in order to provide nutrition for the body. Is this considered relative or absolute evil? Or is this even considered evil at all? Relative evil on the other hand, does in turn exist in our society toady. Many people believe

human society cannot accelerate without some type of evil. Yet on the other hand, others believe that without evil, our society would become the utopian society we all desire. When incorporating absolute evil into our society where relative evil might already exist, researchers believe a clash of two worlds will exist. Countless members of society, not only toady, but in past historic occurrences express through whatever actions they choose, their release of what can be dubbed evil energy. Upon comparison of relative and absolute evil, one can conclude that in our society that absolute evil is probably impossible to achieve. This can be said, mainly because in order to achieve absolute evil, one must be willing to commit absolute evil throughout a period of time in their life. A

human being, to exist as absolute evil, must also have the ability to compare the difference between evil and good. So it would be correct to say absolute evil does not exist in our society. Even the worst example of evil today, cannot fulfill the absolute evil level where Satan is the epitome of warped human intellect. As time has progressed, we have yet to explain how absolute evil is put into example of modern civilization. Since relative evil does exist throughout all of our lives. While absolute evil does not seem to exist. Judging by how a patter can evolve, it may be see, that as man progresses, even relative evil will cease to exist. Indicating that life will be superficial for some and the perfect indulging utopian community for others.