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transformation after the reformation of the Parliament. Given the facts, we can see that France handled their power most effectively, as the monarch was at a constant gain (prior to the French Revolution). We can also see that the equal participation practiced by the French allows for power to be handled most effectively. And for the most part, seeing how William the Conqueror was French, the French took part in establishing the English monarchy. Now to return to the question posed at the beginning; How could 2 countries handle power so differently, yet become such equals in the modern world? We saw that England began to make reforms, which seemed to mimic the equal participation/consideration policy practiced by the French since the beginning. After the establishment of the

limited monarchy, the power of English kings (and queens) increased even more. And in time, came to be an equal to France. Yet also through history France and England have become a little more friendlier than they were in their beginnings. All in all, we see that power misused will not go unchallenged, but power properly used will not go un-rewarded. 345