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Absolue Appeal Essay, Research Paper Absolut Appeal Everyone who has flipped through a magazine lately has found some humor in the latest creation of Absolut Art that has bombarded Absolut Vodka onto the shelves of every liquor store and the minds of every vodka drinker around. These series of advertisements show a bottle of Absolut Vodka cleverly disguised or incorporated into a picture or painting. These advertisements have become so amusing that there is a Society devoted to collecting and interpreting these advertisements. There is even a new form of contemporary art known as Absolut Art that consists of artists who paint new advertisements as their form of artistic expression or perhaps adoration of Absolut Vodka. Absolut Vodka uses a unique way of advertising that

portrays the vodka in an artistic and humorous way of escaping the everyday troubles of reality. Absolut Vodka s way of advertising helps their advertisements to be noticed better and remembered longer. Absolut Vodka also shows the vodka as an upscale alcohol by aiming their advertisements at upscale activities such as golfing, gambling, or traveling. Absolut Vodka is also portrayed as a means of escape. These activities, such as golfing, gambling, or traveling, can all be interpreted as forms of escape. Absolut Vodka has many strategies in their advertisements. The idea of hiding or incorporating the bottle in pictures and paintings draws a potential customer s eyes and attention to the bottle. It can take quite some time until the picture of the bottle is found in the

advertisement, and this keeps the consumer s eyes on the advertisement longer. Because these advertisements are entertaining, they stay present in the consumer s mind longer then a factual advertisement would for the same product. These advertisements are considered by many as a form of art and are admired as a form of art. People who make their own advertisements, collect the advertisements, or think of the advertisement while drinking Absolut Vodka have all subconsciously given into the Absolut Appeal. (ad 1) The slogan printed on the front of every Absolut Vodka bottle spells out a strong tradition of premium Swedish Vodka. This superb vodka was distilled from grain grown in the rich fields of Southern Sweden. It was produced at the famous old distilleries near Ahus in

accordance with more then 400 years of Swedish tradition. Vodka has been sld under the name Absolut since 1879. This alone sets the consumer s mind that this is a very upscale and classy vodka. This idea of and upscale and classy vodka is also portrayed through the advertisements. In the advertisement for Absolut 19th (ad 2), an Absolut bottle is shown as a golf hole in a golf course from an ariel view. The way the hole is laid out, the beautiful landscape, and lake surrounding it all give the impression that this golf course would be very expensive to play on. This gives the consumer the impression that people that play on very expensive golf courses are the types of people who would drink Absolut Vodka. In the advertisement for Absolut Venice (ad 3), a group of birds on the

ground of a beautiful scene in Venice are gathered in the shape of an Absolut bottle. This advertisement shows the desire to travel and see wonderful places. Traveling to places, such as Venice, is usually an activity reserved for the upscale or classy. In the advertisement for Absolut Monte Carlo (ad 4), a gambling table has taken the shape of an Absolut bottle. This shows that gamblers are associated with drinking Absolut Vodka. Gambling, especially in Monte Carlo, is most certainly an activity that has been reserved for the upscale and classy. All of these advertisements help to show Absolut Vodka in a sense that it will be associated with upscale and classy activities and consumers. However, these upscale and classy consumers can often need a form of escape in their world as