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Abraham Lincoln 6 Essay, Research Paper Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln’s ancestors came from Hingham, England and settled in Hingham, Massachusetts in 1637. His father, Thomas Lincoln, was born in Rockingham County, Virginia in 1778. His grandfather was also named Abraham and he was killed by a Native American while clearing land for a farm in 1786. On June 12, 1806, Thomas Lincoln married Nancy Hanks. In 1807 they had a daughter named Sarah. In 1809 Abraham was born. They later had their second son, but he died during infancy. Abraham lived in Kentucky in a log cabin. He was married to Mary Todd and had four children. However, only one reached maturity. He grew up swinging an ax on his frontier homesteads in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. His mother died, and that led

him to suffer from a deep depression. He lost his job but eventually graduated from Decatur College. There were many good things that happened to Abraham Lincoln. Among them were he became a great lawyer. Abraham Lincoln was six feet four inches tall. He liked to carry letters, bills, and notes in his tall stovepipe hat. After serving in the Black Hawk War in 1830, he began his political career as a Representative of Illinois in the House of Representatives from 1847 to 1849. He created a national banking system and standardized currency with the National Banking Act in February, 1863. He issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. Abraham Lincoln was involved in politics and eventually became the sixteenth President of the United States. He was the tallest

President. He was also the first president to be assassinated. Lincoln was known as a storyteller and a jokester but he suffered from deep depression. As president, Abraham Lincoln helped to keep together the Amenzan Union during the fighting of the Civil War. He also abolished slavery because he felt no one should be owned or enslaved. Abraham Lincoln is one of the most respected Presidents in our history. He was honest and compassionate about his work.