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Abotion Essay, Research Paper For the last couple of decades women have had the right to choose whether or not abortion was the right decision in their life for their own individual reason. The only way to get an abortion in the United States, at the time, was through a surgical abortion where the doctor removes the egg. Through the advancement of technology over years, doctors have come up with an abortion pill, yet the United States has not made the pill widely available. The abortion pill should be made available in the U.S. because it is the women s choice, the pill is safe, and it has good regulations. One main reason the abortion pill should be made available in the United States is because it is the women s own choice. All abortions should be individualized and no one

should choose for the women whether they should have an abortion or not. They all have different reasons: too young, to old, not married, just married, financially unprepared, and mentally unprepared. It s the mother s decision on whether or not the abortion is right for her and not the moral committees decision. The women know what is best for themselves and best for their lives. Also, the first right in the bill of rights is that to the right of freedom. Women have the right to choose for themselves, which is the better option for them. And certainly some women had said it s more private and gave them more control over the process. (Fehr-Snyder). If she prefers having a more private abortion then the pill provides that privacy because they are only a mediator while the abortion

is taking place. In the U.S. we already have the medical abortion, so the next best thing is abortion by the pill. The right of choice is one of the big reasons the abortion pill should be made more available. Another reason why the abortion pill should be made available in the U.S. is because the pill is safe. The pill is safe if used correctly and within the early stages of pregnancy. It must be used within the first seven weeks of conception, making it safer than a surgical abortion for many women. (Fehr-Snyder E3). Early abortion by any means is better than waiting until later in pregnancy. Many anti-abortionists argue that the pill is unsafe because of heavy bleeding. Research from uses elsewhere on the globe has proven it safe for almost all women. Over 500,000 women in

Europe have safely used the abortion pill, and thousands more in the U.S during clinical trials have too. Exceptions to the drug are nursing mothers and those with certain rare medical conditions, according to one manufacturer, Danco Laboratories. Side effects after using the abortion pill are evident but more or less expected. The women will have similar cramps and bleeding to that of a heavy monthly menstruation. The women will also experience headache, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea along with the heavy menstruation period. The abortion pill is a safe and easy to use drug that should be made available for unwanted pregnancies. The abortion pill should be made more available in the U.S. because there are many restrictions for the pill. It was approved by the FDA under a

regulation usually used for medications for life saving-illnesses that have been fast traced through the FDA approval process. Those regulations give the FDA more flexibility to put restrictions on a drug s use or withdraw from the medical scene. The abortion pill is not something women fill with a prescription. (Fehr-Snyder A1). The pill will be distributed only to those physicians who can determine the duration of a patient s pregnancy. The FDA might also restrict the pill only to physicians who have already performed surgical abortions and can treat excessive bleeding. Before any patient takes the drugs they must have tests ran so they know they are safe to take the pill. The doctors must first confirm the pregnancy either by an ultrasound or by blood tests. They then run