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Abortion-Against Essay, Research Paper In 1973, through the ruling of Roe vs. Wade, abortion was made constitutionally legal for all women in the United States. Since then, our country has been divided on this issue. The statement, ?I?d like young women to understand that abortion is not the ultimate answer. The answer is in counseling and Christian fellowship? (qtd. in Wood 43), was made by Norma McCorvey ?Roe? of the Roe vs. Wade judgment. McCorvey fought for the right to have an abortion. She was victorious which led to legalized abortion in the United States. She deeply regrets that decision and now lectures against abortion. Moreover, some say that the choice of having an abortion should exclusively be the woman?s decision, therefore it should be legal, while others say

that it is the murdering of an innocent life and should be outlawed. The latter is the appropriate decision. The only exception that should be considered is that the survival of the mother or baby is not guaranteed. If the mother or child have no chance of survival, an abortion should be an option for the pregnant woman. Consequently, the major debate amongst the opposing sides is the definition of life, or when a human life begins. Pro-choice, or pro-abortion debaters say that only when a baby is born, it begins life as a human. The opposing pro-life view believes that human life begins at conception, when the egg is fertilized by the sperm. According to science, once the egg is fertilized every characteristic of a brand-new human being is existent, even the color of the eyes,

hair, the sex and everything else. There is truth in the statement, ?Pregnancy is the period for this new human life to mature, not to become ?human?…it already is.? (McDonagh 92). Abortion is the the destruction of an unborn baby. Women know that what grows inside of them is not just a group of cells. They know from the beginning what is inside. Women grieve when miscarriages occur because of the loss of a baby, a human life. The loss of that life has a very negative emotional affect on these individuals, and is not merely considered an inanimate object. Overwhelmingly, every 20 seconds an abortion is performed. According to statistics reported from the Detroit Free Press, more than 32 million abortions have been performed from 1973 to 1995. 1.4 million women have abortions

each year. Nearly half of all American women will have had at least one abortion by age 45 (Elrick B2). This number will only increase. Therefore, abortion is a common occurrence. This proves that abortions aren?t only done for emergency purposes because this number is excessively high. Of course, abortions are justified for many reasons. ?79% of women have abortions because of the concern of how a baby would drastically change their lives or because they are having relationship problems or want to avoid being a single parent. 13% of abortions take place because of the health of the fetus, 7% happen because of the health of the mother, and 1% happen because of rape? (Woman?s 20-22). This means that nearly 80% of the abortions are due to the convenience of the situation. Sometimes

the health of the fetus is not life threatening. Some of the babies have conditions such as Down?s Syndrome or Spina Bifida. Individuals with Down?s Syndrome can function well in society. Those with Spina Bifida are considered to be intelligent. There are waiting lists of families who want to adopt seriously disabled babies with Down?s Syndrome or Spina Bifida. Figuratively speaking, around 85-90% of aborted babies are killed unnecessarily. There are other options such as adoption for these unwanted babies. Consequently, abortions are performed at different stages in a woman?s pregnancy. ?40% are performed in the 2, 3, and 4th trimesters? (Michels 176). This means that the fetus could be aborted at 23 weeks or almost 6 months. The especially heinous performance of abortions after