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Abortion Rights Essay, Research Paper Abortion rights must be protected for a number of reasons. The most important reasons are because a could die from delivering a child, she could have been raped or he leas important is because she is no financially sable to have a child at that time. for what ever reason it may be I think abortion rights must be protected because it is a women s body and her choice. a pro-choice women called Janet uses examples of her own abortion to defend the pro-choice position and call into question the validity of the pro-life position. ( war and communication, pg.2) Janet says that getting abortions saved her life, and because of that it is unreasonable o expect her to repent or regret her abortions. Janet s story was posted in the Pro Life Forum. I

was first diagnosed with cancer at 18, by 19 I was calling funeral homes because I didn t want my mother to have o make he arrangements. Just before my 20th birthday, they decided to do a complete hysterectomy but I said NO! Take out only what is diseased, I might need the rest of it later, (I was thinking I might need those hormones.) I got pregnant before surgery, so I was told, one or the other but not both. And if I chose the wrong one, I would probably die. So I chose abortion. Now, I was told I couldn t get pregnant, too much scar tissue. But, evidently, they meant I could carry to Knote 2 full term cause 16 years later, I got pregnant. Bu I didn t know it. I thought I had a flu I couldn t kick. Then my period started, no problem right? Wrong! In three days I lost so much

blood, I couldn t get out of bed, and before hat day was out I bled through my clothes. Off to the hospital, and surprise! You re miscarrying, we re going to have to do something to stop the bleeding. Hmm, well let s just say, he worse experience of my life. Didn t really give a sh*t if I lived or not, ( you get so weak you could care less.), got a rock I could crawl under and expire please? This was also the 3rd time I almost died. And it caused me to come into touch with my emotions, which I had to bury deep So I m really touchy you know? (qtd. In war and communications, pg. 2 and 3) Janet s story is one of he few when he doctor thinks the safest thing to do is have an abortion to save the mother s life. I think Janet did what she had to do for herself. Some people might say

that she is selfish by getting rid of the embryo, or a lot of people refer to it as Knote 3 killing the unborn child, but I don t, she was saving her own life. If I was in her position I would have done the same thing. In America between he years 1994- 1995 the Percentage Distribution of United States Abortion Patients was graphed by characteristics. This information was updated in November of 1997. Women between the ages of 2024 were 32.8% more likely to have an abortion than any other women younger or older.