Abortion Right Or Wrong Essay Research

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Abortion : Right Or Wrong? Essay, Research Paper When it comes to the Issue of abortion, it is rarely possible to find two people with the same opinion towards it. This is because abortion is a very sensitive and controversial topic. People who are against abortion would make their argument based on moral a perspective, which is life before birth. But those who are for it would make their argument based on a political perspective, which is the right to privacy. Women should have the right to do what they deem fit concerning their bodies in the privacy of their homes or a doctor s office. The most important thing to remember is the need for abortion. People must understand that it is sometimes necessary to have an abortion when the baby is not planned, not wanted, and if the

potential mother is in danger of dying if she gives birth. Abortion should be allowed even though some moral issues put a blockage around it. Hundreds of abortions are performed each day in the United States. The moral questions which rises from that are the following: What is the nature of the womb that is being destroyed by such a procedure. Is it a mere tissue? Or is already alive? Most people would want to believe that a fetus is alive. But the fact remains a fetus is just a fetus, a lifeless cell which is in the process of becoming a life form. Pro-life activists argued that abortion is wrong mainly because of the infliction of pain that the unborn child suffers from during the procedure. They say that a woman wanting to end an unwanted pregnancy isn t sufficient reason for

the brutal process of cutting a child to pieces. Pain, they say, should not be inflicted upon a child when there is an alternative, which is birth. It is hardly logical to infer that a fetus feels pain during an abortion. There is a greater issue surrounding this topic. Birth is not the solution to most pregnancies because of the fact that many of these births have serious consequences or aftermath. Children are often born in poverty because their parents were not ready to have them. They are often left at other people s doorsteps, or in garbage cans. And most disturbingly, children are often killed by both of their parents. We see that on TV and read about it on the newspaper everyday. Women have come a long way and learn early in life that this is a man s world and men say what

goes and what doesn t. But shouldn t a woman have the choice to do what she wishes with her body. The fact remains that about 77% of anti-abortion leaders are men. And the irony is, about 100% of them will never be pregnant. We have a vision of a world where all women freely make their own decisions regarding their bodies, reproduction and sexuality. A world where women can fulfill their own unique potential and live healthy whole lives. These are the words of a woman who had an abortion and was afraid to tell anyone about it, including the father to be. She couldn t tell anyone because she was ashamed and did not know whom to trust. The anti-choice activist movement has created a barrier against women and abortion. This makes it harder on women to consider this alternative,

which is abortion. But the need for abortion shouldn t be a surprise to any one. Accidental pregnancies happen to millions of women each year. Because women are fertile for a large part of their lives, and because they, like every other creatures on this planet, are very sexual beings. Therefore, pregnancies happen. It s a natural thing. The issue of abortion is all about ones opinion. A man cannot have any idea about what it is like having to face a decision like child bearing. This is why it s entirely up to the woman what she does with her body, when she does and why she does it. We tend to ignore the fact that it often becomes vital that a woman disposes of an unborn child in order to save her own life. And we seem to forget that some women do die during child bearing.