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Abortion Pro-Choice Opinion Essay, Research Paper One of the basic questions every society mustface is which areas of behavior to leave to private choice and which to regulate in the interest of public good. It has been already been decided by the Supreme Court in Roe v.s. Wade that “the fundamental right to privacy protect6ed by the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment is broad enough to encompass a qualified right to abortion”. Abortion is a very serious and complex issue. The issue will not just disappear with legislation. The fact of the matter is regardless of it’s legal status abortion is still going to exist. There will be women who are still going to seek them, there will be men who will help arrange them and doctors, some not qualified who will still

perform them. This is evident because before 1973 thousands of women died from back alley abortions. Legalizing abortion will allow women to have safe conditions, with qualified doctors and proper care. The government will still be able to uphold basic legal principles. As you can see abortion is much more than a woman’s issue. Anytime a person’s right to act in their personal life without fear of prosecution is endangered it becomes a human rights issue. When the government takes away that right or interferes in this area that is the end of substantive due process. Once the government gets the right to tell you what you can and can’t do with your own body that is the end of personal liberty. This intrusiveness will not end will abortion either it already has gone into

marriage and other areas it does not belong. There also a definite question of human life. What happens when the mothers life in endangered or if a woman is raped or if the baby will have severe disorders? These are unfortunate things but they must be taken into account. Granted who is to make a decision about the quality of life ? Within parameters which I agree must be set it is up to the individual. A personal feeling on abortion and where it fits in your values is important in your decisions. Thus, I am pro-choice. It is not for me to say what another person should or shouldn’t do with their body or what is best in their situation. It is important to consider all options when faced with a pregnancy and abortion should be one of them. Let us not forget that this country

works by plurality vote. As of the last national poll taken 62% of the population is pro choice. They are in favor of the right to chose and personal freedom. The others just don’t need to have one, that decision will be respected. They can also work on adoption and other alternatives to make it more peoples decision. Abortion should be safe and possibly even rare but also legal. Personally, I don’t know that we should want our children to be raised in a place where personal guarantees such as privacy is ignored.