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baby endures suffering by the painful abortion procedures? Is it right to abort a child, to let a child endure the pain? I am personally opposed to abortion. I think we should not allow abortion in any circumstances. Many pro-abortionists believe that it is a woman s right to do what she wants with herself and what she has created and no one should interfere that right. But isn t it selfish to kill a person simply just because you want to? Isn t it selfish to sacrifice a life to make one s own life better? Many women having abortion excuse that they can t afford a baby; others say a baby would interfere with their career, education and personal freedom. I think that is too selfish! Once a woman chooses to have sex, she is taking a chance. This she does of her own will, and she

has control over what she is doing. If a person decides to have a sex whether it is a safe sex or not, what happens after that is her responsibility. And if she is going to participate in this risky and unsafe practice, then she must be ready to pay the consequences! A woman can t have any kind of excuses to abort her own child!Many people think that abortion should be allowed in case of rape or incest. In case of rape, yes, it is right that a woman did not ask for it, and does not deserve it. She should not then have to deal with the child if she does not want to. But will an abortion help her in this case? Many evidences prove that not only does the abortion not alleviate the trauma of the rape, but also it brings a trauma of its own. Jackie Barker, a rape victim states: I soon

discovered that the aftermath of my abortion continued a long time after the memory of my rape had faded. I felt empty and horrible. An abortion obviously is not a good solution in rape case at all. Once a woman got raped and made pregnant, the issue now is not how the pregnancy was initiated but how to deal with a person within a womb. Would anyone argue that it is moral to kill a newborn baby simply because it was conceived through rape or incest? Of course not! The baby was not responsible for the manner of its conception. Therefore, we can t take the life of the innocent baby.What about the mother s life is in danger if she continues carrying the baby? In such case, the decision has to be made as to which life would be saved? Is it morally right to take the life of the baby

to save the life of the mother? No! The fetus, being a person, has a right to life! Of course the mother is a person, has a right to life too but when it comes to such situation, we would want to save the life of the child more. Let says if one happens upon two persons, a kid and an adult, who are struggling in the water beside a capsized boat, and he can rescue only one of them, whom would he save? Would he save the kid or the adult? When it comes to a situation like that, people normally will save the life of the younger kid. Therefore, taking a child s life in this case, just like any other cases, is not right either.Abortion concerns all of us. There are many social problems (single motherhood, financial destitution, child neglect, urban overcrowding ) that do not have an

easy solution; however, abortion is not a good solution to those problems either. Abortion is murder of an innocent child! It is wrong to do abortion in any circumstances. America needs to open her ears to the silent screams of the 1.6 million unborn babies murdered each year!