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maturation of structures formed during the embryonic period.” In other words, the basic structure of the baby has already been formed. Planned Parenthood admits this. Now, remember, this is still within the first “trimester.” The baby has a small brain. The baby can feel pain. The baby can feel vibrations. The baby has vague vision and hearing. The baby has reactions, which indicate a simple intelligence. Who knows whether a baby is conscious at this point? Admittedly, the baby is undeveloped enough at this point that its sensations and thoughts are not similar to adults. However, the baby is a thinking, feeling human being, though admittedly undeveloped. As of now, in the United States, abortion is legal. But do not think this goes on in society today without a fight.

Abortion has grown to become one of, if not the biggest, social problem of the day. Pro-life people have a lot on their side. After all they have science, medicine, philosophy, and religion on their side. May be one day in our lifetime we will see a point when people could open their eyes to see the truth. This truth is that abortion is morally wrong.