Abortion Is It Right Or Is It

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Abortion: Is It Right Or Is It Wrong Essay, Research Paper Abortion: Is It Right or Is It Wrong! In the L.A. Times, “Abortion Issue Taking On New Prominence” is an interesting news article that debates about abortion. Is an abortion without a parent’s consent moral or immoral? According to Matt Fong, he says it’s immoral because a minor should not have the right to an abortion, if her parents are not informed. He understands that parents should at least know what’s going on when their child make an important decision such as “an abortion”. After all, it is them who gave their child life. By doing this, Matt Fong wants the parents to educate their child and prevent future abortions. But opposing Matt Fong’s virtuous point is a democratic named Barbara Boxer.

Barbara Boxer denounces Matt Fong as an extremist who is trying to outlaw the abortion rights. Boxer also, accuses Matt Fong of wanting to restrict a woman’s right to choose. But is Matt Fong right? Is he virtuous as his abortion plan? And does he really want to restrict a woman’s right to choose? The answers to those questions are simple as 1-2-3. Matt Fong is right, virtuous and wants to help the pregnant minors in doing the right thing. By having parents’ consent to their child abortion, Matt Fong wants parents to be informed about their child’s abortion. He wants parents to understand the situation and deal with their pregnant child in an educated way. This, I think, would decrease the number of abortions as minors think twice before getting pregnant. Matt Fong also

backed up his abortion’s plan by “making it a crime to help a minor evade state laws requiring parental consent for an abortion.” This means that if someone drives a pregnant minor to another state to get an abortion, then the driver would be considered a criminal. In this news article, Matt Fong use his a personal reference to support this view. “I don’t want my 15-year-old daughter’s girlfriend’s uncle, who is 22, saying ‘OK, let’s go across to Nevada and get an abortion.” I totally agree with Matt Fong because if I were a parent, I would want to help my child in any way I can. So why is Barbara Boxer denouncing Matt Fong and calling him an extremist? I think it’s an enemy thing. You know, even though your enemy is right, you still have to oppose it just

because she is your enemy. I think Barbara Boxer is going too far with her anger for Matt Fong. She is obviously trying to bring Matt Fong down, but how are you are beat Matt Fong when he is right. You can’t! Instead, I suggest Barbara Boxer to find other issues which would benefit the people of California and attack Matt Fong that way. After all, senators are supposed to do that, aren’t they?Abortion is a very important issue and I agreed with Matt Fong that an abortion without a parent’s consent is illegal. Parents are two wonderful people who have gave their child the precious gift of life, and they deserve the right to know when their child wants an abortion.