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are large. (9) Teachers are not always allowed to teach what they think kids need. One-third of teachers said they had to be careful about what they taught because of the possibility of adverse community reactions. (9) One-quarter of teachers said that information their students needed was not in the curriculum they followed. Six in 10 teachers who taught an abstinence-only approach presented no information about contraceptive use. (http://www.agi-usa.org) What is Needed in Sex education Students need more practical information in sex ed classes the basics of reproduction information about AIDS/HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and messages about abstinence are not standard in sex ed classes (57) Effective sex education programs need many different elements. They need

to focus on reducing sexual risk that may lead to infections or unintended pregnancy. They need to work on recognizing influences and values. Accurate information about the risks of unprotected intercourse and methods of avoiding that need to be discussed. Use of activities that address social or media influences on sexual behaviors. They also need people to model and practice communication, negotiation, and refusal skills. (www.avert.org) Sex Ed Is Needed Sex education is important to teens. It gives them a way to acquire information and form attitudes, beliefs, and values. Sex ed helps sexual development, affection, body image and gender roles. It is about learning how we grow, reproduce, and change over the years and most importantly includes a positive view of sex and the

safety involved on sexuality. “This is not the time to be complacent about HIV/Aids crises for all the promising treatments there is still no cure it is still vitally important that everyone in our society become education, especially our children and young people It’s time we put delicate sensitivities aside and allow public health agencies in school to teach young people about their dangers of risky sex practices” (2) Works Cited Abstinence-Only Sex Education Is Not Enough.” USA Today Magazine Jan 2001: 7 “AIDS Education Is Crucial” Los Angeles Times Feb 4 2001: 18 Coalition For Positive Sexuality Berlfein, Judy. Teen Pregnancy. San Diego: Lucent Books, 1992. Betancourt, Donya. “It Is Up To Parents To Explain The Facts Of Life.” Jakarta Post February 2001

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