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couples who are not able to conceive try almost everything to have a baby and when they?ve tried all the medical procedures they can, but are unable to have a baby. They start paying visits to all the holy places they can to pray to god to bless them with the opportunity to have a child. When they get tired of all the prayers, some of them choose to go for adoption and some of them who are afraid of the society, ruin their life caring about what the society would say and prevent themselves from leading a happy life. The conflicting views of the pro-life activists and the pro-choice activists have led to many deaths and injuries on both sides from riots, bombings, and fights. Some of my colleagues at work have seen these fights when they were in San Diego, but they didn?t wanted

to talk about it, all they told me about it was it was one of the worst experiences of their life. They, also said, that these two groups will never join in their ways of thinking. According to me, if both the groups could just stop the finger pointing and name-calling, and just listen to what group has to say, they might find that both sides have some points. Only then we can stop the hatred and violence that has done so much wrong to America in the last few decades. In conclusion, my research leads me to believe that, while abortion must be legal, a woman should also be provided with all the correct information she needs to make a responsible and rational decision. I believe that this is the only solution we can have which can conclude this ?war? between the two groups once and

for all. Most of the negativity regarding the issue of abortion comes from the people who try to hide behind the curtain of religion and try to impose their own beliefs on others that the right to the life of the fetus supercedes everything else. Unfortunately, this will always be there. Works Cited