Abortion Essay Research Paper There are many

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Abortion Essay, Research Paper There are many women who have choices to make in life that can be difficult or easy. One very difficult decision is whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. Most people should think before they act. If a woman has to terminate a pregnancy, it is because she wasn’t planning to get pregnant or because she did not use birth control. Women of today sometimes make the wrong choices when they are with their boyfriends. People who get abortions, do it because they feel that they made a mistake or because they are too young to have a baby. If that’s the case, then more should be told about pregnancy and abortion. Women have the choice on whether or not to have an abortion. I feel that abortion is a woman’s choice. I am pro-choice. Some women

believe that there should not be abortion because it kills. Yes, abortion does kill but many women should think about that first before having unprotected sex. Most of the women who have abortions are between the ages of 18-24, they are black or hispanic and if some people are covered by Medicaid. There are also some women who have more than four children that feel the need to get an abortion. That should not be going on. Some women would like for their boyfriend or their husband to share the responsibility with them on the decision of going for the abortion. The partner may want to be there with her so he can help her through the tough times. She may feel depressed, she may regret what she did and the both of them may actually feel guilty. Most women have an illegal abortion. So

they feel all of these feelings more than a woman who was having a legal abortion. Many women debate this issue and some people have points that are better than others. Many people from over 25 years ago until now feel that abortion should be banned. But, in 1973 women received the right to privacy and the right to have an abortion if they should choose to do so. This was because the Supreme Court tried a case called Re vs Wade that gave women the right to choose to have an abortion. In conclusion, women have the right to choose whether or not they want to keep a baby. Most people feel that it is wrong to kill an innocent life, but that is everyone’s choice. Some people are pro-choice and some people are not. I feel that women have the right to do whatever they want. It is

there choice.