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Abortion Essay, Research Paper Page 6 of 7 I recently interviewed a woman who had an abortion. She was twenty years of age when she had the abortion She did so because she felt she had no choice. She was away at college and she did not want to tell her parents and the guy was a jerk (Interview). I do not think I would be able to tell my parents I am pregnant if I was away at college. I would be afraid of what they would think of me or what they would say and if they would make me drop out of college. I asked her if she thought about putting the child up for adoption. She thought about it but she again felt like she did not have a choice. Also at the time, abortion seemed easier. I also asked if her parents ever found out and she said they were never informed (Interview).

Eventually, I might tell my parents if I did have an abortion without them knowing. This way they do not find out from someone else. When I asked her what method of abortion they used, she said she did not know. She stated that they put her under and when she woke up, it was gone. The father of the baby was informed she was pregnant and he was also informed she was going to have an abortion. He did not care about either (Interview). I would definitely have to tell the father I was pregnant. After all it is his child also. She does not have any symptoms. Although she often thinks about what happened. When she thinks about it she cries. Sometimes she does regret having an abortion (Interview). I would cry all the time if I had an abortion. The reason is, I would know I took a human

life. I would feel terrible. After having an abortion, she still agrees with it. She feels it is the woman?s choice (Interview). I do not feel it is the woman?s choice. The baby does not get a choice to kill the mother. Why should the mother get the choice to kill the baby? I dropped the question about if she had a daughter, would she let her have an abortion. She says it would depend on many things. How old her daughter is and what the circumstances are. Also she would really try to show her all the options unlike what was done for her (Interview). I agree with her on this one. I would have to make sure she knew the options before she made her decision. She gave a few comments at the end of the interview. When she had her abortion, it was not her finest day. At the time no one

suggested putting the child up for adoption. Finally, she is not sure she would do it again (Interview). I think if someone would have opened up the option of adoption to her, she would have chose that over abortion. I surveyed Mahanoy Area High School to see their views and thoughts on abortion. There was a total of 42 females and 32 males surveyed. 53% of the 32 males agree with abortion (Survey). However, only 52% of the 42 females agree (Survey). In a way, I thought the numbers for the men would be higher. The reason I thought so was because men are not the ones who have to go through with the abortion. One major question asked was dealing with rape and incest. All of the men surveyed agree with abortion in a case of rape or incest (Survey). On the other hand, only half of

the females agreed (Survey). I did not think the numbers would be so high. It really surprised me when I saw the results. Partial-birth abortion was a very touchy subject. Not many people agreed with it. None of the females agreed but 3% of the males did (Survey). 97% of the males disagree but the numbers were greater for females (Survey). I can see why not many people agreed with partial-birth abortion. That is a terrible method of abortion.