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Abortion Essay, Research Paper Page 1 ABORTION In some cases people think that abortion is wrong. They think that killing an innocent a baby is like committing murder. In this paper I will be talking a little bit about partial birth abortion. And a little about the Roe V. Wade court case. Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy before birth (World Book Encyclopedia A, pg. 15). Usually when people have an abortion they want to get rid of the baby because they feel that they can’t handle it, or they are afraid of what their parents would say (if they are teenagers and aren’t married). There can be some complications in abortions. The longer a woman has been pregnant the greater the risk she has for complications. A serious complication is the puncturing of the uterus by a

surgical instrument. That only happens in 1 of every 1,000 abortions. In some cases other organs can be injured in the process. Some people bleed during or after the procedure. That occurs in 6 of every 10,000 abortions. The most common complications are bleeding caused by part of the placenta remaining in the uterus, infections, and blood clots in the legs. Two thirds of women in the world have access to a legal abortion. In some countries abortion is completely prohibited and about one twelfth of the Page 2 women in the world live in those countries. In the United States, abortion was only used in requested situations, only if the woman was in her first 3 months of pregnancy. In the United States about 30 percent of pregnancies end in abortion because the mothers can’t handle

it or they just don’t want the child. Abortion has become one of the most common procedures done in this country. Arguments that people have over abortion are that people believe that abortion is the unjustified killing of baby that is not born yet. People that aren’t for abortion believe that the life of the baby had begun when the sperm fertilizes the egg. People agree with abortion if the pregnancy is endangering the mother’s life or if the child is likely to be born with a mental or physical disability. Another reason some people may look at abortion in a good way is if the woman got pregnant by rape or incest. In the early 1970’s most the United States prohibited abortion unless it was in the best interest of the mother. In 1973 Roe V. Wade made abortion legal. You

could only have an abortion during the first trimester. If you would get an abortion in the second trimester it would only be to protect the health of the mother. Roe V. Wade started when a girl named Norma McCorvey got pregnant by a man on the street. She was working for a carnival and she was walking Page 3 back to her motel room after work one night and she got raped on the side of the road. Unfortunately she got pregnant from that man. Norma went looking for an abortionist in Texas; however, abortion was illegal in Texas at that time. So she went to court to make abortion legal. There are several different ways to perform an abortion. In the first trimester you can use a method called suction curettage or vacuum aspiration. Those kinds of performances are when you use suction

to suck the fetus out of the woman’s body, kind of like a vacuum. This process is performed during the first four to six weeks of pregnancy. During the second trimester they can use a process called dilation and evacuation. During that process the fetus is dismembered in the uterus and then removed. This process is used in about 97 percent of abortions during pregnancies of less than twelve weeks. A different type of method is by injecting a salt like solution into the amniotic fluid that surrounds the fetus. The solution then kills the baby. The baby passes through the woman’s body. There is another abortion process that is called partial birth abortion. Partial birth abortion is done during the second or third trimester. The process of this type of abortion is what I would