Abortion Essay Research Paper My sister and

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Abortion Essay, Research Paper My sister and I were very close as children that?s why her decision to have an abortion surprised me. I was present the moment my sister was born. Barbara was a very beautiful child that resembled a delicate, fragile, baby-doll. I watched my sister grow up and we both shared our hopes and dreams about life and about having a family. We discussed plans about our children growing up together. We both wanted our kids to be close the same way we had been. As soon as my sister announced the news of her pregnancy, I felt a warm and loving feeling concerning the happiness that lye ahead. I was extremely delighted because finally, I would have a niece or nephew. After a month my sister called me on the telephone to let me know she had gotten an

abortion. I was so hurt and angry that I didn?t know how to respond. All I could ask her was ?Why?? I finally got an answer from her, but it was not an adequate reason to eliminate the life of an innocent child. Her answer did not justify such a hasty decision as far as I was concerned. My sister has always been very independent so she let me know, in no uncertain terms, that it was her decision and her body. I will never understand how she could have taken a life without carefully thinking over the consequences of her actions. Getting to know my niece or nephew would never become a reality in my life. Abortion is a very controversial subject; therefore, I will give you my point of view concerning this issue. Every year in the United States 1.5 million abortions are performed.

Human life begins at conception so abortion is wrong. It is murder, Plain and simple! Having an abortion is eliminating a human being at the very beginning of life. I can not imagine any one more absolutely innocent, weak, and defenseless. The only means of protection it has lies with the woman carrying it in her womb. Abortion is a simple case of annihilation. Ending the life of a fetus under most circumstances is unjust as well as immoral. The case of incest is the only justifiable reason to end a life because it is morally wrong to have a child under these circumstances. When a child is born it is a precious gift from God. Just because this child can not walk and talk it does not give anyone the right to decide which child should live or which child should die. When two people

create a child it becomes a living, breathing, human being that has rights. A fetus has the right to a good life filled with love, happiness, good times and bad times. When a woman decides to have an abortion, the option of adoption should always enter into her decision because once the baby is born the woman will automatically know that she made the right decision. If you are in an uncertain position concerning your pregnancy there are alternative options available. Have the child and put it up for adoption so that the child can have the same chance for life that you had. This also gives the child a chance to have parents that can give the child all the love and support it needs. Abortion is a crime committed against life making it a serious and deplorable offense. But today, in

many peoples consciences, life is meaningless. The acceptance of abortion in or culture, in behavior, and even in the law, is a sign of a dangerous crisis in our moral character. We are becoming more and more incapable of distinguishing between right and wrong.