Abortion Essay Research Paper Imagine yourself curled

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Abortion Essay, Research Paper Imagine yourself curled up for a movie in your own living room. You feel secure, you feel safe; this environment is your home. Out of nowhere a man rushes in brandishing a knife. You re frantic, fear rushes into your blood like a runaway train. He approaches you, you inch into the corner of your couch; there is no where to go. The man lashes at you, dismembering your arm, you scream in horror and disbelief. Then both legs are gone, and finally your other arm. You are now dead. In the United States of America, this act is known as homicide, but a form of it happens everyday and the murderer goes unpunished. The act I am referring to is know to most as abortion. Abortion is the “spontaneous or induced expulsion of a nonviable human fetus.”

This is the cold dictionary definition for the word in it s purest form. The word in laymen’s terms should mean, “Sucking a fetus s brains out,” “Burning a baby with a salt solution until it is dead,” or in the more popular form, “Sucking a child out piece by piece.” This is the real truth behind the act of abortion. Some people choose this method to solve their situation because they feel it necessary; some females us it as a form of birth control. The latter of the two is what I am protesting. Granted women who have been raped and become pregnant do not want to have a child as a constant reminder of their ordeal. Even this excuse, however, is becoming obsolete due to the invention of the morning after pill. If a woman who has been raped goes directly to the

hospital or police within 48 hours of the occurrence, they will more than likely give her a pill to cease the development of the fertilized egg. If they do not come forward in time and do not want the illegitimate child, then things should be “taken care of” quickly. There is nothing more immoral then a third trimester abortion. The child, from the moment of conception is a living, breathing, feeling being. Just feeling this piece of you move inside should be enough to make you think twice before killing it. And if it is absolute this child is not wanted, give it to someone who wants it. Give the child up for adoption.Abortion is homicide.