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Abortion Essay, Research Paper Childbirth is one of the most wonderful experiences that will ever happen to a woman in her life. Majority of the women in this country would agree but there are the few that would not. There are few women that are irresponsible and don?t take the proper precautions to not get pregnant. In these cases that she does not take the proper precautions she would have an abortion and think of it as a right to her and not that she is killing a baby. There are few instances that an abortion should even be considered and performed. There few circumstances are if a woman is raped, there is incest, and to protect the life of the mother. George W. Bush is one that will be able to pass laws to make the abortion procedure more difficult and has done this in

the past while he was Governor of Texas and that is why he should be elected President in the 2000 election. On the eve of his inauguration for second term as Governor of Texas George W. Bush made the statement ? Part of our responsibility era understand the value of life. I would hope that our next leader would lead America to respect all levels of life, including the life of the unborn?(Thomas). This is a statement that the majority of the population would agree with. The thing now is that we need to get on into office that is able to pass laws making it more difficult for one to have an abortion done. In the past George W. Bush has passed laws in Texas making it to where a minor has to have the permission of a parent to have this procedure done. This was a step to making

abortion harder to have done and was done by George W. Bush. There are many possible solutions to the abortion issue. As a nation we could out law the procedure completely but then there are other issues to worry about. Instead of arguing Roe Vs Wade, what we should do is promote policies that reduce abortion. This would make it harder for one to have this procedure done but would not eliminate it all together and if we encourage adoption that would not only help the abortion problem but also help a woman that is not able to physically have child have the child of her dreams. There are many that would like to see abortion to be illegal, but there are issues to deal with like what do we do about the illegally performed abortions that could be dangerous to the mother? In the past

there were problems with women having these illegal abortions that were life threatening. This was one of the reasons that abortion was legalized in the first place and we don?t want to face that problem again. Now we need some one in office that will be sensitive to both sides of this issue that can regulate the procedure and at the same time make sure that there are not and unsafe procedures being done. Within this whole abortion issue there are other things to think about. As a nation we need to think about what can be done to solve this controversial problem. One of the first steps is getting everyone to look at this unborn child as a baby from conception to birth. If we promote adoption instead of abortion and pass laws making it more difficult to have the procedure of

abortion done. George W. Bush is the one that will able to pass laws to make abortion more difficult to be done. Wheaton public library