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Abortion Essay, Research Paper Anonymous Novel March 17, 2000 Abortion As long as history can tell man has though of life as precious, as the ultimate sacrifice to give up, the ultimate gift to give, and the ultimate crime to take away. Laws have been placed in every nation against murder and the evil that it holds. Through it all though, special situational murders have been left to slide as not true murders, such as self-defense, killing in combat/war, and even abortion has been left to slip between the cracks of ignorance. Murder is murder; self-defensive murder can not be avoided or it is the slain man?s fault. Abortion is easily avoided, prevented, and is in no possible way the slain victim?s fault. With a clear mind, one can easily see that abortion is in fact murder,

no matter what the excuse. Many myths and misconceptions surround abortion. One huge misconception is that the woman has a choice over her body, therefore it is her decision to choose to keep the unborn child or not. This is untrue if one looks at the situation logically. The child has half his mother?s chromosomes, and half its father?s chromosomes, so the child is independent from his mother, it has different DNA, which defines it as another form of life. The unborn child only is dependent on its mother for food and shelter. The child is merely living within the mother?s womb separate, and independent (Schwarz 2). The other great myth about abortion, is that the unborn child is not alive. Well before that can be proved or disproved, what defines life in an individual? Life in

Webster?s terms is defined simply as ?mode of existence?. Webster?s definition leads one nowhere, but out of the twenty-five people surveyed on what they felt was the essence of life: twelve felt a regular heart beat was the answer, eight felt brain waves where a sure sign, three figured it was movement, two were certain it was a sense of touch, as in heat, coolness, pain, and ect. (Twenty-five Anonymous). According to Webster?s definition life begins at conception for a child. Referring to the twelve people surveyed, that felt a heart beat meant life, a child?s life nearly starts after about seventeen to eighteen days after conception when the heart and blood have finished development. Then life ?officially? starts at about twenty-four days, before the woman has even realized

she had missed her next period (Schwarz 3). To even further back up the fact that the child had a heart beat, and ECG test can be used to show that a 5.5 week embryo will show classic elements of an adult ECG (Schwarz 4). The eight people that replied that brain waves was a sure sign of life, would need only to wait twenty days before not only the brain has developed, but also the entire nervous system and spinal cord (Schwarz 4). Following that in the sixth week, the child?s nervous system is so developed that the brain gives of the typical brain waves of that of an adult, and shows first signs of brain waves after forty-three days. The child has also developed its system enough to have control over its muscles, thus having movement (Schwarz 5). So for those who felt movement or

the sense of touch was the key to life, the child is alive after only 6 weeks. Even though none felt intellect was a sign of life, it too can be found after only thirty-three days (Schwarz 5). After the sixth week and into the seventh, the child is a ?well proportioned small scale baby? and the rest of the time in the mother?s womb is reserved only for growth. The child has already shown all possible signs of life before the mother would even show signs of pregnancy besides that of a pregnancy test (Schwarz 2). Abortions do not take place until the mother realizes she is pregnant, the average women only realizes she is carrying a child until after about sixth weeks. While a mother may know she is pregnant, one average abortions don?t happen until about the ninth or tenth week.