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evidence and cases arise. Some cases that deal with this are the separate but equal doctrine that was in place for 58 years after the ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson. After the people get used to these major decisions it is hard to change them without having protesting and other problems. But the court still did overturn or correct this decision because it interpreted the constitution differently at a later date. The change that the court found was that the Fourteenth Amendment does not permit racial segregation. This seems to be very rational. Some of the court s decisions were based or made on politics pressure . In reality is that fair? There always will be two sides to a controversy. So should abortion be protected by the Constitution? Yes and no. For medical reasons, yes and an

unborn fetus should have rights as a human to be able to live. The fetus is obviously in the mother s care until it can take care of itself but the mother and father can be punished for hurting and/or abusing a child. A mother must not do drugs, smoke, drink or put anything in her body during the entire time she is pregnant so they baby can be protected and healthy, so doesn t that mean that the child has right s too? It sure seems that way. It is a question that will never be completely answered. There will be more debates on this subject for many years to come. No matter what happens no one will ever be satisfied.