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Abortion Essay, Research Paper Abortion In the United States about 25% of woman decide to end their pregnancies through abortion. In most cases the woman is just one of those who have pre-marital sex, a teenager, or a victim of rape. Even though this percentage is small, women are still taking the life of a child who is still dependent on others for survival. When another human life is growing the mother must protect it, not end it. Worldwide about 45 million women have abortions yearly. When a woman makes the mistake of having sex she should be responsible for the consequences that may come after. If you think you are mature enough to have sex be prepared to be a parent. Teenagers should hold off on sex until they are ready for what may come from that moment of intimacy. The

only sure way of not getting pregnant is 100% abstinence from sex. In the case of a pregnancy and the mother is not ready for the responsibility she should give up her child for adoption. The only acceptable abortion should be the case of a victim of rape. In this case the woman feels disgusted and could not bare with the thought of having a child with, in most cases, someone she did not know. Abortions are nor simple or with out risk. Doctors can not just ?reach up there? and remove the child. Medical science has created many ways to remove a child but most are very complicated. There are three types of general abortions: abortion from below, abortion from above, and using drugs to kill the unborn child. Great emotional pain can come after the abortion as well. Many women regret

ending the life of their unborn child. For the rest of their life they must live with the fact that they practically murdered someone. After the baby (also known as the fetus) has been in the mother?s womb for eight weeks it can start to feel things. During the eighth week 20.9% of abortions are done and the baby feels the pain as their life is taken away. The woman is also at risk of dying, the complication and death rate rises as the fetus gets older. State governments did not make abortion legal, the United States Supreme Court did. When the government allows certain behaviors to be legal it does not make them right. The government should not change the morals and what people believe. Just as the United States Constitution made a law for human rights it should include the

rights of unborn children. The child is part of this world once the egg gets fertilized. They even made it legal in some states for an abortion to take place at the time of delivery. As long as part of the baby?s head is still ? in the womb, the mother can still get an abortion. The worst decision a woman would ever have to face is whether to have an abortion. Woman should abstain from sex if you are not prepared for the possible results. Even though woman may be using protection it is not 100% effective. Woman should not take the life of the baby because just as much right as the woman has to live the baby does also. The United States Supreme Court should think twice before they pass their laws. Abortion is the easy way out of the pregnancy. Women need to protect their child no

matter what.